Fun with Science

On 14th November,2019, that is Children’s day our school planned to take the students out for a trip to the “Regional Science City”. This, fun and educational trip to the science city made the children’s day a lot better. The children got to learn about many interesting models to enhance the minds of children and help them learn and understand some interesting facts of science.

There was a 3-D show which made the children explore the pre historic age.Then there was the scimax show which made the children learn about the space exploration missions,astronauts and NASA’s achievements in these missions.It was a fun trip and the students returned back with a happy face,new experiences and new pages attached to their school life.


Table Manners and Etiquette Session

Good manners show respect for others. Table Manners are a part of our everyday routine and we must tell our children about the basics of Table Manner Etiquette. Vidyatree Modernite Toddlers had a session to brush up their skills of table manners and etiquette.

Table Manners Session

Raksha Bandhan Celebrations!!

Raksha Bandhan was celebrated enthusiastically and joyfully in the premises of Vidyatree Modern World College . The event was marked by a Rakhi Making Competition and further on tying self made rakhi to their class fellows.

Raksha Bandhan Celebration

Dengue Prevention tips

Prevention is better than cure. Save yourself and your loved ones from Dengue. Follow these simple tips.

dengue prevention

Practice of Mindfulness at Vidyatree Modern World College

"Mindfulness training for students gives you tools to help you remain calm, sustain your attention, and be able to focus."

What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness, as the google suggests means a mental state achieved by focusing one’s awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting one’s feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations, used as a therapeutic technique.

How does mindfulness help students?

Mindfulness training for students gives you tools to help you remain calm, sustain your attention, and be able to focus.

It does this by helping you to pay attention to the present moment through simple breathing and meditation practices which increase awareness of thoughts and feelings so as to reduce stress and anxiety and boost levels of attention and concentration.

Researches prove the benefits of practicing Mindfulness:

  1. IMPROVED FOCUS AND ATTENTION : Numerous studies show that mindfulness is good for improving concentration and focus.

  2. EMOTIONAL REGULATION : Mindfulness helps to create changes in the brain which corresponds to less reactivity.

  3. SELF COMPASSION : People with Mindfulness training are more likely to help people and have self compassion.

  4. REDUCES STRESS : Mindfulness reduces stress and improves anxiety and distress when placed in a stressful situation.

Vidyatree Modern World College is one of the very few schools in India which makes not only its students but also educators practice Mindfulness which makes them watchful, alert and be alive. Vidyatree Modern World College has the most happy, de-stressed and disciplined students. This is one compliment which most of our Guests and Visitors feel and appreciate about us.

Why theatre is important for our children?

Theatre being the one of the most emphatic way to express ourselves is one of the most important part of our curriculum. Theatre provides students an edge over other students as this gives them a platform to, not only express themselves but also get rid of their stage fear. We bring you the 10 best reasons that why it is good to have theatre as a part of curriculum.

#10 Human Beings
Human beings are the only species that creates theatre. Understanding theatre helps us understand what it means to be human.

#9 Self-Expression
Theatre teaches us how to express ourselves more effectively. It develops our ability to communicate our thoughts and feelings to others, improving our relationships and improving the world around us.

#8 Self-Knowledge
Theatre teaches us about ourselves. It helps us understand how our minds and the minds of others work. It helps us to see how the environments in which we live affect who we are and who we will become.

#7 History
Theatre is a great way to lean about history. Rather than learning history from reading it in textbooks, theatre makes history come alive right before our eyes.

#6 The Body
Theatre reminds us that, even in this ever-changing digital age, there is a human body at the center of every digital transaction. Accounting for the body in the design of the future will help us make technology that works for us rather than us working for technology.

#5 Globalization
Theatre helps us understand people from cultures other than our own. We can learn a lot about people from cultures all around the world by studying their performance traditions. In learning this, we learn to accept each other.

#4 Self-Empowerment
Performance permeates every aspect of our everyday lives. Power relationships are constructed through performances. Understanding how performances unfold around us can help us to recognize and take control of the power dynamics that affect us.

#3 Social Change
Theatre is a cultural space where society examines itself in a mirror. Theatre has long been looked at as a laboratory in which we can study the problems that confront society and attempt to solve those problems.

#2 Education
Theatre is a great way to learn. Going to the theatre teaches us about people, places, and ideas to which we would not otherwise be exposed. Learning in a theatrical setting makes learning fun.

#1 Creativity
Theatre helps us to develop our creativity. As our education system increasingly puts an emphasis on science, technology, engineering, and math, we cannot forget the importance of art.


Hence, we definitely can say to develop such attributes and qualities in an individual from an early age, we have the best dramatics in the city as a part of our curriculum.

Dramatics at VMWC

Seven reasons why VMWC is the best at creating capacities for lifelong success

Following are seven primary reasons why VMWC is the best when it comes to creating capacities among students to give them lifelong success at work and personal life.

1. Systematic development of innovation, creativity
and thinking skills

Innovation, creativity and thinking skills are important skills for success in life. At VMWC, development of the same are ingrained in the curriculum and teaching methods:

  • Cognito: Bi-Annual Fair on Innovation and Creativity
  • Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) Program
  • Inquiry method in IB PYP
  • Fear-free and stress-free enviroment

In 2015, the VMWC team stood fourth in the city-wide inter school competition to present original projects for environment sustainability. All reputed schools of the city participate in it.

The VMWC team stood first in the 2016 state-wide edition of the same competition, with 100+ reputed schools of the city and the state participating. Thus validating the superiority of VMWC students in innovation, creativity and thinking skills.

VMWC team, #1 in UP, presenting their project to the CM
VMWC team, #1 in UP, presenting their project to the CM
Cognito: Bi-Annual Creativity & Innovation Fair

2. Best preparation for university admissions

With cut offs to the best of colleges and universities being as high as 100%, our children have to be taught to aim for the highest. The school does exactly this by enabling children to score 100% through the special Centurion program and the Advanced Level Centurion Tests.

Also, to help and guide children to have the capacity for admission into good colleges and succeed in competitions, VMWC has engaged one of the best career guidance and counselling service in the country.

3. Meditation and yoga is part of the curriculum

In leading schools of India and the world, meditation and re?ection is an important part of the curriculum. VMWC was the ?rst school in Lucknow to introduce this critical life skill, since 1979 – summarized in the school’s motto ‘Know Thyself’ and the daily morning prayer.

Meditation and Yoga make children improve in life and work skills like: concentration, self-discipline, creativity, sincerity, emotional intelligence. Yoga improves physical ?tness, endurance and ?exibility.

4. First and only school to run IB PYP - best 3 to 11 years curriculum in the world

VMWC implements the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program in Grades Nursery to Fifth, which is the best curriculum in the world to make children future ready. Each child is enabled to have the maximum  possible development in the most critical period of life: 3 years to 11 years.

The program aims to develop in each child the attributes of the IB PYP Learner Profile and important life skills: thinking skills, research skills, communication skills, social skills and self-management skills.

The International   Baccalaureate (IB) was founded in 1968 at Geneva, Switzerland. Schools which maintain the highest of standards prescribed by IB, and are evaluated regularly, become IB World Schools.

The PYP Curriculum develops each IB PYP student as per the IB PYP Learner Profile
There are more than 4300+ IB World Schools worldwide, including 130+ of the best schools in India, like:
  • The Doon School, Dehradun
  • Kodaikanal International School
Delhi NCR
  • The Shri Ram School
  • Pathways World School
  • Scottish High International School
  • The British School
  • Sarala Birla Academy
  • Bangalore International School
  • The International School Bangalore
  • Ecole Mondiale World School
  • American School of Bombay
  • Dhirubhai Ambani International School
  • Cathedral and John Connon School
  • Aditya Birla World Academy
  • The Aga Khan Academy
  • Oakridge International School
  • Mahindra United World College
  • Symbiosis International School
  • Mercedes-Benz International School
  • Vidyatree Modern World College

5. Leading Visual Arts Program in the City

VMWC has the leading Visual Arts Program of Lucknow. Right from Grade Nur to Grade XII, visual arts is a part of the curriculum, developing capacities of expression, thinking, communication, motor skills, concentration and persistence.

6. Leading Basketball Centre in the city

The VMWC basketball centre has children of all ages developing sportsmanship, courage, teamwork, persistence, thinking and resilience. The centre has also been one of only two Jr. NBA centres in the city. Teams from all over the city regularly practice and participate in tournaments at the VMWC center. Many students have been part of district & state teams.

7. Leading Dramatics Centre of Lucknow

The VMWC Dramatics program teaches students numerous important life skills, like: self-con?dence, social and emotional intelligence, creativity, problem solving, patience, concentration, verbal and non-verbal communication, teamwork, courage, authenticity and integrity. The program is lead by a celebrated teacher.

EXPRESSIONS 2016: Art Show and Fundraiser

The Annual Art Show provides a platform to the creative geniuses of our school, and at the same time gives an opportunity to the students to give back to society.

The school organised EXPRESSIONS, the annual Art Show and Fundraiser at Lalit Kala Academy, Aliganj. The chief guest for the event was Mrs. Aashrita Dass, Vice Principal and officiating Principal, La Martiniere Girls’ College, Lucknow, an eminent educationist, instructional leader and administrator par excellence. She inaugurated the event on 9 December, 2016 at 4 pm.

The Chief Guest and all guests to the event were awestruck with the creativity and genius of the young artists of the school. She praised the skill and imagination of the school’s artistic students and the school’s Visual Arts Program. Mrs. Dass blessed the children and encouraged them to keep up their skill and the spirit of charity with which the event was organized.

The students artists.
The Chief Guest Mrs. Aashrita Dass, Vice Principal and Officiating Principal, La Martiniere Girls' College, giving away certificates to the 90 student artists whose paintings are part of the exhibition.

The Annual Art Show provides a platform to the creative geniuses of our school, and at the same time gives an opportunity to the students to give back to society. A small portion of the funds raised by the sale of the paintings shall go to the student artists to encourage them, and the remaining shall be given away for charity. The students hope to raise and donate more than what they did from last year’s Art Show – Rs. 1,70,000/- in aid of the Nepal Earthquake Relief.

Around 140 paintings were shortlisted for the exhibition, made by our 90 students, right from the IB PYP Pre-primary to Grade 12. All the 90 artists were given a certificate of recognition, in the presence of their parents who beamed with pride.

The young artists of our Early Years, Viraj, Arij, Samyukta, Nabeel, Sarvakshara, Mouly, Aroha, contributed to the collection of finger paintings, ‘Expressing with Fingers’. Some of the other noteworthy paintings were ‘Towards Enlightenment: Buddha’ by Ramyata of Class XI, ‘A treat on canvas’ by Indira of Grade IV,  ‘A Lady in Blue’ by Suprita Mishra of Grade VI, ‘A Lady with a Hat’ by Astha of Grade XI, ‘Radha Krishna Madhubani’ by Aliza of Grade VI, and ‘Measure of Happiness’ by Namra of Grade XII.