Leap of improvements in my daughter’s behaviour

Seeing the leap of improvements in my daughter’s behaviour and thought process, I believe the school has definitely inculcated a lot in her

When you see even a small improvement in your child’s behaviour, learning and attitude you sense pride and the same I have felt in last one year.

One of the best decision I took for building my daughter’s foundation is to send her to VMWC one year back. She has become a keen observer of things around her. She is now more inquisitive of environment and things related to it which no doubt is due to school’s IB curriculum. She finds homework a fun activity rather than a task.

For this the credit goes to teachers who exemplify everything so well that the child also learns to do the same in their daily life. As a result she gives lot of ideas, options and solutions whenever she see a problem in her day to day life which really makes me overwhelmed to see in her. If I give her clues or hints about any environmental process she tries to comprehend and  connect various natural events.

In her behaviour, I have noticed that she now understands the joy of sharing with others. Seeing the leap of improvements in my 5 year old daughter’s behaviour and thought processing, I believe the school has definitely inculcated a lot in her and i believe will continue to do so.

My daughter is in a safe and comfortable environment

Dear Ma’am

We are glad my daughter Aanshika Saxena is a part of Vidyatree Modern World School.Her confidence is build up and there comes a drastic change in my daughter’s attitude.My daughter is getting a comfortable and safe enviornment. All parents want that his or her child feel happy while going school and my daughter really feels happy.

We are proud of being VMWC parents

We have a son named Viraaj Khattri who is experiencing VMWC education. He is currently in grade U.KG. VMWC has provided a safe and comfortable environment for our child to learn and develop. The curriculum encourages independent as well as team learning experiences, allowing the kids to develop skills in those areas that are critical in further education and the work environment. Our son has been successful in his last past years and is still performing good due in part, to the foundation built through their education at VMWC. Beyond the core education that our son received, so important to their experience is the environment where this is achieved. Classes have limited number of kids and the education is personal. The class teacher Mrs. Nidhi Soni knows her students very well and is able to tailor efforts to individual student needs. She is never too busy to sit down and discuss anything that is on our mind, whether a concern we have with our child, suggestions or ideas we may have or just a simple question we need an answer to. She always genuinely listens, and cares with taking interest in getting to know about each and every child. VMWC provides a high quality, faith-based education in a family type environment, successfully preparing students for their future education, growth and development. This school is a community of caring students, teachers and parents. Here our child’s faith is nourisdhed and surrounded by examples not spoken in words, but in actions. VMWC is a second home for our child where he has made great friends and memories and is learning invaluable lessons that will stay with him forever. VMWC is and always will be a blessing to our family and we are proud of being a VMWC parent.

Parents –
Shalini Khattri
Vishal Khattri.

At VMWC, my daughter is in happy, healthy and learning environment

Dear Teacher,

It’s my pleasure to write this letter to you and let you know my feelings about VMWC. I have been pleased with the warm, loving experience my daughter have had since beginning at VMWC nearly two years ago.

Not only the academic curriculum amazing,  but also encourages children to be social and get to know about the culture.

The staff and teachers are down to earth. We as a parents feel free to talk about anything. The methods of teaching is very good and children had much fun with activities. The best thing is they learn while enjoying.

I’m so happy that I choose VMWC for my daughter. Each day my daughter comes home and tell me the things that she is learning and I’m so proud of her. I would not hesitate to recommend VMWC to any parent looking for quality education. I’m confident that each and every day I leave my daughter in VMWC and I know that she is in happy, healthy and learning environment that is helping her to grow and be the best she can be.

P/o Vaani Anand,
UKG Blue.

The best thing at VMWC is studies are not forced upon children

Our son Siddhant Jain of Prep Blue has shown remarkable increment in his academic skills, confidence, and social interaction. Overall he is grooming as a responsible citizen of the society. We are too happy with his performance and give 100% credit to VMWC along with special thanks to his class teacher Mrs Rachna Verma for their efforts. Rachna Mam goes an extra mile to teach all the children in the most creative way possible. The best thing about VMWC is that the studies are not forced upon children and they are allowed to learn at their own pace.
Dr Parul Jain & Dr Atin Singhai

VMWC is so much more than an ordinary school

There are so many wonderful things to say about VMWC. It is so much more than an ordinary school. My son Varchasva Agnihotri attended VMWC for two years, nursery  through LKG . I watch a school community that never stops striving for excellence in every way. I witness a school filled with teachers specially Heena srivastava Mam that give 100% of herself and then some. She give countless additional hours after school to lend a hand to a student in need, a parent, or to just make an extracurricular activity extra special.
 Thanks n regards
Mona Agnihotri
 M/O Varchasva Agnihotri
LKG – Red ( VMWC)

VMWC always fulfil the aim EDUCATION FOR LIFE

We are incredibly blessed to have our son in VMWC and always recommends whoever ask us for the better school.and highly thankful to VMWC team to put on all the attributes in him.

Our son has been studying in Vidyatree Modern World College, Lucknow since pre primary and he absolutely loves it! Whenever we ask him in mode of joy, that we are now going to change your school, he literally started crying. This only shows his tight bonding with his school. Each day we hear stories from our son about the fun, adventures and learning that he has experienced; reinforced by the photos and stories that the educators share with us on lernio. We must say this Lernio app is very much helpful for parents to get daily updates about activities their kids gone through . The children participate in programs and activities that encourage them to engage, question and analyse the world around them, enriching their lives and forming a lov e of learning. The VMWC always fulfil the aim “EDUCATION FOR LIFE’ as the educators guidance and structured activities in the school reflecting the increase in confidence and important social skills in our child that every single child will need, in particular, as they progress through schooling life.

The most appreciable part of VMWC is that they take time to know each child and their families so that everyone is comfortable; the children as well as parents!
Which we believe is most important, the time to time workshops, parents teachers meeting are very helpful , encouraging and also give us belief that our child is in correct hands.

We are incredibly blessed to have our son in VMWC and always recommends whoever ask us for the better school.and highly thankful to VMWC team to put on all the attributes in him.

Seema Singh & Dr. Narendra Kumar
Parents of Shiva Seemendra
Grade 1 Blue

The full credit of her development goes to her school culture, stress free education and the way of learning

We are delighted to get this opportunity to brief something about the development of our daughter Ayaana Tandon and how she is growing from a  child to a self dependent individual. We would like to emphasize that she is now very connected to her school and friends and passionate about her daily studies. These things value the most for her and she prioritise them over and above everything. This is all due to the school and teachers where she is getting due attention and guidance proactively from the teachers. She is now more confident, expressive and full of reasoning skills. She has now developed the courage to ask questions and has become capable enough to put her point forward with her valid reasons. We are sure that this is because of all the confidence shown by her teachers in her.
We would like to specially mention and thank Anuja Ma’am for her undivided care, never ending efforts and attention for not only Ayaana but all her students. She has created an environment of comfort and support for all the students where they can easily share their concerns and put their point forward without any fear.
We are definitely proud of the development of our child and would not hesitate in giving full credit to her school culture, stress free education and the way of learning.
Thank You.
Diksha and Rachit Tandon
(Parents of Ayaana Tandon)

VMWC is the best educational institute and increases self confidence

I am so happy my son Ayushman Gupta is in Grade I Green. I am a member of this school it is a very good school and day by day my child is growing better he is learning very good manners, and self confidence, creativity etc.

An IB education is unique for academic and personal standards. My son is feeling self-confident and developing personal judgement, ability, power etc.




Vidyatree Modern focuses on learning and understanding, not just teaching

“THE FUNDAMENTAL PURPOSE OF SCHOOL IS LEARNING AND UNDERSTANDING, NOT TEACHING…” And I am really glad to emphasise on that Vidyatree Modern World College focuses on this phenomenon . My daughter Bhavini Awasthi ( Class Grade 1 Blue ) is learning and practicing this basic element of life . The school runs the International Baccalaureate Program through which my daughter performs various tasks through simple activities which makes the concept really easy . To learn multiplications in Mathematics she grouped match sticks and collected as per the groups. The school focuses on Physical Education , Life Skills , etc equally.

At last , I would thank the school and class teacher for such support..
Bhawna Awasthi ,
Mother of Bhavini Awasthi.

VMWC removed phobia of studies or assessments through its practical approach of teaching.

Choosing the best school for our child was the very tough decision to make. As primary education plays a very vital role in a child’s social and emotional development, we wanted a school which has more futuristic approach rather than traditional ways of teaching. So, after lots of research and feedbacks we came to a conclusion that IB is the best for our child and we were lucky that we got one i.e “Vidyatree Modern World College.”

Vidyatree is more focused on building up concepts of a child rather than mugging up and producing robots. It has got more practical and application-based approach that leads to all-round development. We can see the same development in our son as he loves going to his school and enjoying his studies. He has no phobia of his studies or assessments. For all this to make it happen, the credit goes to their mentors (Manisha ma’am & Aarushi Ma’am). They really work hard with kids and are very caring and loving. We also appreciate the class strength which results in quality of education provided at Vidyatree. Because of this teachers can pay more attention on kids and they know in and out of each child.

We want to sum up by saying that we have got the right place for our son and are very thankful for it. We will suggest every parent to go for Vidyatree Modern World College.


Rashi Rai & Abhishek Rai

I am very happy to see Vivaan growing under Vidyatree’s stress free learning philosophy

Loves:  Maths, Making stories, Pictures in paint and brush 


We were looking for a school for our child. We heard a lot about this school. The best thing we liked the most about this school was that the classes from Nursery to Grade 5th are IB base and the strength of the students are 25 .That means the teachers will be easily monitoring to all the students. The teachers are very cooperative. The way of teaching through the activities helps the child to understand easily and grasp things quickly. The child loves to learn through activities. No excess homework is given that means no stress for kids & parents.

Last year my son Vivaan Bhutani took admission in Class KG.  We requested the teacher and the principal to promote him to Grade 1 instead of UKG.  Vivaan is improving and doing quite well and this is all due to the hard work and cooperation of his class teacher.

She recognizes Vivaan’s interest and motivates him. Vivaan is very happy to earn gold medal in Judo karate. Vivaan enjoys to study Maths and loves sports activities like judo karate,swimming ,skating and  running. He enjoys making stories which he learnt in his unit on stories, drawing pictures in paint brush is his all-time favorite work.

I am very happy to see Vivaan growing under Vidyatree’s stress free learning philosophy.

School has filled my child with Manners, Knowledge and Confidence

I, Anamika Srivastava (mother of Prakhar Srivastava, 1 Blue) feels really nice that my son is a part of VIDYATREE FAMILY and learns new things every day, whether it is regarding subjects, or life skills. My son tries to perform (almost he does every time) his work by following the school activities. I am glad he does not go traditionally in order to do his work and also never bothers me about his home tasks or home works.

I want to thank the teachers and the school for filling manners, knowledge and confidence in my CHILD….

The teacher knows my child more than I do and I’m lucky to have my child in VMWC

We parents of Anany Kumar Rai grade L.K.G. blue would like to take this opportunity and utilize this platform to express our feelings and gratitude towards the school and the class teacher ma’am Mrs. Priyanka Sinha.

     Choosing the best school for their child is a very tough decision for any parents because every parent wants to give the best education to their child which must be fruitful for the whole life. To be an encyclopedia is not enough to live a good life but some qualities like self-confidence, positive attitude cheerful personality, solution finding person, ready to face challenges, responsibility bearer must be present in an individual so that he/she can live their lives in the best way. These all kinds of thoughts were running through our mind when we were going to start the educational life of Anany. We were confused about what should we follow a crowd blindly, in which every parent and school are producing a lot of Robots and “Mugging machine” or should we adopt IB curriculum for our child which is more practical and application-based, it has a broader spectrum of subjects that lead to all-round development. Finally, we reach a conclusion that IB is best for our child, and we are very lucky that we got one and only IB SCHOOL in Lucknow that is “Vidyatree Modern World College”.
                           My child Anany’s journey has been started with this school and I saw a lot of improvement in him like he loves his school so much, he wants to spend much more time in his school, I think it can be possible with the teacher’s effort and Anany’s is so lucky to have a mentor like his Priyanka Ma’am, she knows Anany more than me , and because of her care, attention, love Anany loves his school so much. He has become extrovert from an introvert, I am speechless to share my feelings to see his presentation on recitation competition. He looked like so confident, expressive, cheerful, without no fear these all are the remarkable changes in him. I remember that incident in which I saw in him stage phobia, he doesn’t want to give a solo performance on stage. By the way of teaching of this school, he knows how to protect our earth, save water, save electricity. there are a lot of words have been added in his vocab, sometimes that words are new for me and I become s so happy to learn from him. He always keeps his things at their right place, he loves to do his homework. by himself. Whatever Priyanka ma’am teach him, he always follows it. he tries to speak in English and at the age of 4, his accent is superb. Regarding group activities which nurtures the sense of trust and belongingness.
                  I will sum up with my words that I get a right place for my child and heart is full of gratitude. thanks a lot, Priyanka ma’am to give my child love care and support. I will suggest every parent choose this school for their happy life.
Roma Rai & Saket Kumar Rai

A Home away from Home for my daughter

“Vidya Tree Modern World College”, a place where i feel my child is achieving complete all round development. Mrs. Heena is a wonderful teacher, she is motherly yet knows whats right for the kids. A friend to my daughter and a guide too. .Saanvi looks forward to going to her favourite Heena Ma’am, to learn new things & to play new pranks.

Education is imparted by way of various activities , which makes learning so much fun so that little minds are not burdened.The students have been taught about healthy & junk food. My fussy eater was always fond of Maggi/Pizza/Burger/Chocolates, like all kids .Heena Ma’am explained the importance of  healthy food in such a way that now Saanvi relishes her fruits & veggies, which is a big relief to me. Yesterday only she wanted to eat apple instead of having a packet of chips.

Teachers at VMWC have helped in inculcating various good habits eg switching off the electricity while leaving room & throwing garbage in dustbin to name a few. If accidently we throw something on floor at home or on road she is the one who teaches us to always use dustbins

The teachers encourage students to converse in English. At such a tender age Saanvi can fluently speak English with an amazing accent. As a mother I feel happy when my daughter gets praised for her English vocabulary

As parents its very difficult to explain them the reason why we celebrate festivals and stories behind it. But the festivals & special days are celebrated in such colourful way at school that kids enjoy being part of them.

Mother’s day was celebrated at school with so much fanfare.The teachers at school ensured that all mothers felt special. It was indeed a delight to watch our tiny tots perform.I was wondering when did my teeny weeny daughter outgrew my arms & went on the stage for such an endearing performance.

Above all the teacher is always approachable patiently hears all the fears and worries about kids and with a smile is always ready to help

Kaashvi is developing a very logical and inquisitive approach to understand

Thank you for providing us a platform to express our feelings, to pen down our thoughts, to share with the others the wonderful feeling of seeing our child learn and grow.

I really feel indebted to the school management and the efficiency of the teachers which has brought about a tremendous wonderful change in my daughter’s attitude and personality. Kaashvi is developing a very logical and inquisitive approach to understand and does not have any fear in asking questions to satisfy her inquisitiveness.

She keeps on surprising us with such mature responses which is so unlikely to come from a child at such a tender age.

The other day when I was trying to make Kaashvi do her homework she politely asked me to continue to read my own book and don’t sit with her for the same. I was so surprised when she ‘Said ” Mumma please read your book I shall ask you if I need any help”. The sense of independence that is being instilled in children is really so overwhelming. Kudos to the environment at school and her class teacher Heena ma’am for such wonderful guidance.

Different activities and celebrations at school are making my child interactive. We are very grateful to the teachers and school management for inducing such confidence in my child and helping her to unleash her skills and potentials in every field


Best regards,

Nivedita Sarin

My appreciation to her teachers and school for all these positive changes in my daughter

Respected Ma’am,
I am glad to write this testimony as my ward Dhruvika Jain of Grade LKG RED, she has shown a vast improvement after joining the school,she is now independently doing her day to day activities at home, her teachers are really helping and supporting her as it is shown in her  behaviour, her speaking skills are improving, most importantly she is always ready to go school.
Good combination Of fun and learning.
The most concerned part for me was Dhruvika didn’t use to speak at all in front of others… After joining Vidyatree Modern World College she started speaking, she started to stand for herself …
She every night tells me to make her sleep early ….
And most surprisingly she has started eating fruits.. And finishes her tiffin on her own..
She has become smarter and very much fashionable..
There are much more such moments when she has surprised me she tells us to save water ..
I express my appreciation to her teachers and school for all these positive changes in my daughter.
Thanking You
Tushar Jain
Father of Dhruvika Jain
Class : LKG Red

We took the best decision for our child’s future by choosing Vidyatree Modern School

The teaching methodology , International standards as per IB Board , proudly exhibiting Indian culture in the right way, student to teacher ratio , very humble and supportive teachers and the Alumni interactions are all fabulous highlights of the school.

Asatoma Sadgamaya ( From Untruth to Truth )  Tamasoma Jyotirgamaya  (From Darkness to Light ) – this beautiful prayer was sung by our 4 year old daughter . We were totally surprised to hear that from her as we didn’t taught her that , as for us teaching her simple ‘Namaste’ greeting was hard enough. We asked her from where you learnt  that , she told us that this is their school prayer.  We were  so happy to hear it  and this really assured us that we took the best decision for our child’s future by choosing  ‘ Vidyatree Modern School’ . The teaching  methodology , International standards as per IB Board , proudly exhibiting Indian culture in the right way, student to teacher ratio , very humble and supportive teachers and the Alumni interactions  are all fabulous highlights of the school.

As a parent it is so comforting to see the type of teaching model  the school adopts which focuses on learning  by relating things to day to day activities thus subconsciously helping the kids to grasp it in a much practical, easier and interesting way which will leave permanent imprints on their minds  rather than making the children ‘mugging machine’ .

We can definitely say that there are remarkable changes in our  daughter  since she has joined  the school in terms of her overall personality development , much more confident in expressing herself even in English language , her vocabulary has increased greatly . The overall growth of the child shows the hardwork of the school and the teachers  specially  Ms. Heena  Ma’am who puts so much of effort along with  love and care for the  kids that as a parent  we are  very  very  thankful to her.

Happy to see our child developing in a positive environment

The best aspect is that the teachers never impose anything upon the students and let them learn things at their own pace.


The VMWC Management,


It is an honour for us to write about Vidyatree Modern World College, the only IB curriculum school in Lucknow. We personally find their way of teaching very interesting. The best aspect is that the teachers never impose anything upon the students and let them learn things at their own pace. Our son Siddhant could not write properly when he was introduced to the school. His class teacher Anuja Mam gave him a stick to scribble in sand and while playing he learnt writing several letters. This is just one example of innovative ideas of teaching.

Siddhant was an introvert and hesitant to talk to anyone but now he steals the show, atleast in family gatherings. We are very happy to see our child developing in such a positive environment. We are sure many other parents must have had similar experiences too.

We are thankful to the VMWC management and specially Anuja Mam for their sincere efforts in providing not only good education but also inculcating good habits in our children, so that they become good human beings and responsible citizens of India.



Dr Atin Singhai and Dr Parul Jain

Parents of Siddhant Jain, KG- Blue

The school has proved to be perfect home away from home

"It has been a year since our daughter Ayaana started her journey with VMWC and since then she has shown remarkable improvement as an express full child with all her queries and observations."

We, parents of Ayaana Tandon, Grade Prep Blue, would like to take this opportunity and utilize this platform to express our feelings & gratitude towards the school and the class teacher Ms. Pooja Khosla.

We are delighted as parents to see our daughter growing and outshining.

The school has proved to be perfect home away from home. Loving and caring teachers, personalized attention, perfect teacher – student ratio and above all the IB curriculum are just a few highlights of the school and not to forget the various workshops that also keeps parents updated and on their toes.

It has been a year since our daughter Ayaana started her journey with VMWC and since then she has shown remarkable improvement as an express full child with all her queries and observations. It was indeed a proud moment to see our 5 year old while reciting the story during the annual function of the school with so much grace and confidence. It was due to the confidence shown by and untiring efforts of Pooja Ma’m.

We are sure; such differences wouldn’t have been possible without the motivation and guidance of all the teachers who made her feel comfortable and have shown all the patience through their efforts to develop her as a confident child.

All the co-curricular activities – dance, dramatics, music & swimming encourages her not to miss school even for a day. With so much of learning happening each day through various activities & events, we listen to a phrase from her mostly “You don’t know anything mamma-papa”.

We feel very lucky & privileged to see our daughter not only studying in the same school as her mother did but also to have constant guidance of Meena Ma’m.

A heartfelt thank you to all the teachers for identifying & nurturing talent in our daughter and providing her with a stress free environment.