An Indian Airforce Hero visits the school

Passing Grade 12th in 1993 and coming back to its Alma Mater almost after 25 years was a homecoming for Manish Sharma. Currently, serving Indian Air Force as a Group Captain. Today he visited the school, his Alma Mater with his son and met the Principal. He recalled the memories of his school days and shared with us about how his relationship with teacher was like a family. He received lot of moral and academic support from the school. School Education helped him to remain balanced at the time of crisis.

Mother’s Day Celebration at Vidyatree Modern World College

“Mom’s smiles can brighten any moment, Mom’s hug put joy in all our days, Mom’s love will stay with us forever and touch our lives in precious ways..”

Students of pre primary celebrated Mother’s Day ….
All mothers were invited in the red attire …
We welcomed the mothers with dhol… And greeted them with flowers..
Pre primary students performed the dances on meri pyari Ammi …
Meri maaa pyari Maa…. And many more songs..

Cooking without Fire

Who likes to cook in this scorching heat? Definitely no one. To find a solution to it, competition of ‘Cooking without fire’ was held. Children had to prepare something which does not has fire as an element in final dish. No boiled ingredients were to be used. Delicacies like ‘Summer sailing fruit salad with sandwich’s, bhelpuris, molten lava cakes which had crushed biscuit and chocolate syrup as main ingredient and many many more drooling items were there.

Maths Cognito 2018

Vidyatree Modern World College organized its Annual Maths Cognito, on 6th May,2018. The aim of this event was to help students build connection between their classroom learning and real life. It also gave them opportunity to demonstrate their thinking, research, communication and problem solving skills.

With the theme of Maths Is Easy, students from grades Nursery to 12, set up projects and demonstrated the guests, parents and judges models of their understanding.

Chief guest Mr. A.K. Wakhlu(Retired HOD Pediatric, KGMU) and Guest of Honor Dr.Abhishek Shukla MD (Gold Medalist) ,Ms.Rewa Prasad(National Award winner in Mathematics) were amazed at the students knowledge and creativity. Their clarity of concepts while explaining the model was exemplary. It obviously reflected the way learning takes place at VMWC.

More than 200 projects were on display. Some of the amazing projects were Mathematics in Architecture, GST, Math Magician, Maths is Everywhere, Speedometer, Artificial Intelligence, Maths in Cricket etc. The Exhibition was organized under the vision of Founder Mr. Rakesh  Kapoor and guidance of Principal Mr. Presenjit Chakraborty. It was a learning and fun filled day for the parents and the students.

Annual Prize Day Distribution 2017-18

Vidyatree Modern World College (previously The Modern School) organised its Annual Prize Day on 22nd of April, 2018. The Chief Guest for the event was Mr. B.K Bajpai, Director of Giri Institute of Social Science and the Guest of Honour Mr. Himen Soni, CMA.

The school promotes pursuit of excellence among students and attainment of skills for life. The awards given to students is an acknowledgement of the efforts by the students and also the support of the Parents to their children and school’s mission. A total of 305 cups were distributed among PYP – Nursery to Grade V students and 120 medals were distributed among Grade VI to XI students. They were awarded certificates to recognise their talent.

Some of the categories in which students awarded in the PYP were : Excellence in Grooming, Excellence in Communication, Excellence in Visual Arts, Excellence in Drama, Excellence in Dance, Excellence in Mathematical Aptitude, Excellence in Research and Inquiry, Excellence in Handwriting, Excellence in Discipline,Star Improver, All Rounder, Excellence in Reading Skills, Star Author, Book worm, Spelling Master, Excellence in Singing and 100% Attendance.

Students of Grade VI to XI were awarded in Highest Aggregates, Centurion and 100% Attendance.

Students were also felicitated with Participation Certificates for Expressions with the prize money received from the sale of the painting. Parents came in large number to appreciate their wards.

Session of Mindfulness for young Toddlers

Mindfulness is the quality or state of being conscious or aware about our present. Teaching Mindfulness becomes really interesting specially when it comes to young toddlers. Our young Vidyatree Modernites interacted with our Rector Sir Mr. Rakesh Kapoor Sir about loving our nature and environment, understanding the difference between pleasant and unpleasant sound which would make their listening skills strong.

Artful Artist

Art encourages children to think, and develops their skills and confidence.
Learners of pre primary celebrated Artful artist..
Grade Nursery students pasted the tape on a sheet of paper and then painted the paper. Once the paper was dry they removed the tape from the paper .
Grade LKG students did leaf printing .
They painted a leaf and made impressions of those painted leaves on paper.
And grade UKG Students did vegetable printing. They used different vegetables and expressed their creativity.

An Empowering Session on Mindfulness

On the occasion of Guru Purnima the VMWC held a powerful Session on Mindfulness which was resourced by the International Guru on Mindfulness Shri Rakesh Kapoor. Students were wholeheartedly learning and practising mindfulness. They were jubilant to learn the techniques of the same. Mindfulness is making the students and staff more agile, receptive, full of vigour and the master of their lives as well as careers. The preachings of lord Buddha makes the students empathetic, caring, responsible, reflective and nature lovers.

Celebration of Earth Day

Learners celebrated  Earth day.
They learnt how to keep our surroundings clean and make our earth a healthier planet to live in. Students discussed the importance of trees and went out in garden to water the plants. They also colored worksheets on the theme.

Learners learn about colors through activity

Play is the highest form of research
Learnes of grade – LKG explored how colours are used in natural and manufactured settings .
Learners  brought natural and man made  things like – leaves, flower, turmeric, plastic toy, handkerchief etc.
Learners learnt about natural colours and man made colours and they also learnt how colours are used in our daily life.
Then they took their favourite colour of clay from the clay box and made some pictures of their choice.

Shabd Rachna Activity for Grade I

Learners of Grade-1 Blue doing the shabd rachna activity named, ‘Mel Milap’. This was a group activity in which each team had to make words using the letters given to them. Each team would write those words on the given sheet. Learners enjoyed the task and it was a brain storming activity. Words like ‘katahal’, ‘kalash’, ‘pag’ etc. were made by them. In total 53 words were framed.

Fresh blooming buds in the garden of VMWC

Young toddlers of Grade- Nursery started their journey with great enthusiasm and fun. They do lot many fun filled exciting activities like tear and paste, hand impressions, thumb painting, making standing lines etc. They are also learning about how do they differ from each other even when they are all same. Be it their color of eyes or hairs or skin. The day seems short to them as they get so engrossed and forget their home

I have observed that he has developed immense confidence

One of the important things is that he has developed
interest in reading, writing and learning nicely.

To the Wonderful teachers, staff and management of the VMWC!!!
KG Red
VMWC, Lucknow


Indeed, it is a matter of pleasure to express our views grown over a period of year. At the time of admission of my son ANIMESH here in VMWC, we both were so anxious taking his education and
developments although we have been told about VMWC by my colleagues whom children’s are also in VMWC. I think school is a place where any child make the base for his further developments in all
sectors of their life whether it is being social, mental, education or professional and very confidentially I can say that ANIMESH has gained record improvements in all these segments. Over the
passage of time I have observed that he has developed a lot in his confidence as earlier he used to
be somewhat introvert. We feel very good on our decision to get his admission in VMWC, when I
saw him leading his friends whether it is educational events, social gathering etc.

Here studies got converted in to fun, which can be felt daily if parents spent some time just by asking
what they did today, what they learned today. One of the important things is that he has developed
interest in reading, writing and learning nicely. I used to amazed on seeing speaking and following on
matters being it like environment related e.g. savings of water, growing of plants, importance of sun,
social and family behaviour e.g. how to pamper younger, how to behave with elder, how to talk etc.
etc. apart from his subjective knowledge in which he has improved very well. I don’t have any hesitation and doubt to write that the credit of all these goes to teachers specially Heena Srivastava
at VMWC who is creating very good environment of learning and developments all around my son
ANIMESH and imparting educational, social and family behaviour in a very tremendous way. Her role
in ANIMESH’s development will be unforgettable.

One again Thanks to teachers@VMWC!!!
Thanks VMWC, Thanks Almighty.

And wish, a long way to go for VMWC.

Dr Poonam Verma

First Hand Learning Experience on a field trip for our young minds

Field trips are one of the best modes to make children learn or construct concrete knowledge about something. Grade KG students visited Sandy’s Bake Studio in Aliganj to know how wheat transforms into flour and milk into cheese. Then to compile both, they made yummy Pizzas.

Chef Sandhya Singh gave children a hand on experience of making Pizza. Children made toppings of their choice. After bake, children munched over their self made delicacy.

Formation of Earth crust using using clay model

Learners of Grade III Red used clay to model and form different layers of Earth. Children created the clay model of the earth’s structure describing the different layers of the earth by different colors of clay. Also they wrote their reflection of their understanding about each layer, it’s formation, the gases in each layer and the temperature.

Annual Sports Day of Primary Grade II to V

Medals aren’t made of gold, silver or bronze. They are made of sweat, determination and a hard to find catalyst called self confidence.

The much awaited Annual Sports Day of primary section was held on Saturday, 24th February, 2018. The fantastic turnout from the parents and grandparents heightened the spirits of students and the school community at Vidyatree Modern World College. The event started with the torch lighting ceremony, followed by a welcome speech given by our special guest Dr. Saroj Rai senior teacher of our institute from last 10 years. She also took the salute of the impressive March past done by the grade 5 students.  An energizing exercise drill with the sunny weather set the tone for the rest of the event. Once the races began, the air was filled with loud cheers and encouragement for the young aspiring athletes. Students of classes 2 to 5 participated enthusiastically in the various events like sprint race,  zig- zag race, passing the ball, sac race, skipping race, relay race and many more. An awesome aerobics display and thrilling pyramid formation by the young sports enthusiasts under the expert supervision of our sports incharges Mr. Rajneesh Trivedi and Mr. Abhilash Singh, marked the AHA moments of the show and reflected on the continuous development of skills, physical and mental health being practiced in the school. As every achievement should be encouraged, all the winners were congratulated and awarded with medals and certificates by the grandparents.

Student Led Conference (SLC) of Primary (Grade I to IV)

VMWC (IB PYP) organized its Student Led Conference on 17th February 2018 .

“Student-led conferences involve the student and the parents. The students are responsible for leading the conference, and also take responsibility for their learning by sharing the process with their parents… The conference involves the student discussing and reflecting upon samples of work that they have previously chosen to share with their parents. These samples have been previously selected with guidance and support from the teacher, and could be from the student’s portfolio.

There were different stations in the class, like: English, Maths, Science, Social studies and French.

Students from Grade nursery to Grade 4 welcomed their parents in their respective classrooms and demonstrated their journey of learning through various activities like……………

Role play on ‘Importance of plants’ by grade 1, Science experiments like ‘Reflection & Refraction’ and poem on ‘Swachh Bharat’ by grade 2, ‘Structure of Earth’ by grade 3 where students explained about different layers of the Earth and gases involved in each layer and causes of natural disasters, decimals and fractions on number line by grade 4.

French station was special attraction this year as parents were glad to hear their kids translating English words to French. Parents also performed the activities with great involvement and enjoyment.

Parents were immensely happy to see their child demonstrating the transdisciplinary skills that they are learning in a real and significant context.

The feedback from the SLCs was overwhelmingly positive from students, parents and teachers and was an extremely positive experience for our school.

Some selected quotes from parents included:

“A great opportunity for the students to reflect and share what they have learned”

“The dedication and enthusiasm of the students is obvious.”

“More dynamic with more participation from everyone.”

“It is incredible that the students share their goals with us and all of the things that they have learned.”

“The students have grown and have lost their fear in sharing what they have learned with us.”

Everyone enjoyed participating in the SLC.


Rector Sir Rakesh Kapoor gets additional training on Mindfulness from MiSP

Mr. Rakesh Kapoor, Rector VMWC and a prominent Mindfulness International trainer added a feather in his cap by getting additional training from MiSP (Mindfulness in School Project) at London, 14th to 18th Feb  2018. He had attended to learn if newer smartphone technologies can be harnessed for teaching mindfulness.

Most children are deeply stressed with the burden of improper methods of education, peer pressure and resulting deterioration of health, happiness and well being. Even we see in our society sometimes teachers are disgruntled or unsatisfied with issues and gradually take out the frustration on children. Mindfulness and meditation helps bring calmness and positivity to children as well as teachers.

This just not brings behavioral changes but also reduces stress and makes them focus on realities. Mindfulness practice is a part of morning assembly for teachers and children at VMWC. This daily practice helps to focus on present moment and keep the mind fresh and its maximum power; rather than issues of past or expectations of future – future is also mostly a projection of the past.

Mindfulness is practiced at Vidyatree Modern World College under the guidance of Kapoor Sir which helps the Vidyatree Modern community to be the best place for children to grow and for teachers to practice their vocation.

Student Led Conference (SLC) of Pre Primary

Students Led Conference of session 2017-18 was organised on February 17, 2018 wherein the students project their journey of learning throughout their grade.

Parents and learners of Grade Nursery enjoyed the riddle activity very much. Parents were given riddles based on different animals and students had to tell the animal.They solved the riddle with full enthusiasm and quick thinking. Parents also recited the riddles with sound of animals. This session was enjoyed by all.

Students of KG Red presented a role play based on water cycle. During this they explained different stages : evaporation, condensation and precipitation. Students exhibited their understanding presented on a particular stage of the water.

‘I am the fan of numbers’ was one captivating activity of grade KG Blue which did not let children to move from their places. There was a hand fan kept which had tasks on various mathematical concepts like before, after and between numbers, number names and shapes. They had to do the task which would come on spinning the fan.

Kids of grade PREP Red were full of enthusiasm to demonstrate their learning to their parents.Activities
like ‘Segregating naming words’ in which they had to identify and segregate flash cards of person, place, animal and things and put it at right place gave them chance to showcase their understanding of nouns.

Kids of Grade Prep Blue were so excited to show their parents what they learnt. Activity on Vakya Rachna gave them a chance to show their understanding of two ,three, four letter words and then framing a complete Vakya with great zeal and interest.Their understanding and their communication skills gave parents great happiness on seeing efficient learning of their kids.


The Primary Years Programme (PYP) exhibition is the culminating event of the primary years in (International Baccalaureate) IB. This allows students to progress through a collaborative and critical thinking journey of inquiry. They explore local and global issues and showcase their conceptual learning .They make connection and dig deeper into the real world. With these ideologies, learners of Vidyatree Modern World College, grade 5 planned their exhibition.

The theme selected for this year was- HOW WE ORGANISE OURSELVES. The students worked collaboratively to frame the central idea. The Central Idea was, “Human made systems contribute to well being of the communities.”By November they were divided into seven groups with teacher mentors wherein they collaborated, researched, went for field trips, made logos and prepared for the final presentation.

On 17th February, 2018 it was the final presentation day and learners were all excited and nervous. The show started at 10.30 a.m. where the students gave a brief description about the whole idea of exhibition. It was then followed by a short skit and fusion dance wherein the students demonstrated their understanding of being organized. The Show was summed up by giving off the graduation certificates to the students by our Principal Sir, Mr. Prasenjit Chakraborty . While giving vote of thanks, our Principal Sir enlightened us with his words about importance of role of parents in students’ life and congratulated the students for their hard work.  The stage presentation was followed by presentations of the research work by the students in the auditorium.