Artful Artist by Primary School to bring out the creative thinking

Happiness comes from creative efforts. The joy of dreaming, creating and expressing your thoughts by drawing and painting is unparallel. The famous painter Pablo Picasso said, “Every child is an artist”. Keeping this in mind and to explore the creative potentials in the young minds of our children, VIDYATREE MODERN organised an event “Artful Artists” on April 10, 2019 at our school premises.

All students from grade 1 to grade 5 participated. Different themes were given to different grades (Land of my dreams, My school is best etc.) .The participants gave vent to their imagination and aesthetic exploration created magical expressions on the sheets.

Artful Artist for Pre Primary School

“There are no limits to children’s imagination.Arts and crafts are a great way for them to turn that endless imagination into something more productive”.
      There are many materials and colors which allows children to explore different options and pick those that they find the most enjoyable.
     To encourage the artistic abilities of our students “Artful Artist activity”was conducted for pre-primary toddlers.While doing this activity they enjoyed and worked on their fine motor skills.It was quite heartening to see their beautiful attempts.

Vidyatree Modern gave me several opportunities where I could improve myself

Name: Prateek Mathur
Batch: 2014
Institution: Symbiosis Institute of Media and Communication, Pune
Started my journey as a modernite in 2002, I grew up listening to the stories of the Alumni and how their Alma Mater has played a vital role in their life.
Presently, I’m a stage artist, an entrepreneur and a sportsperson. I have hosted more than 20 stage shows with an audience count of about 2000 in one show. I started off with my own basketball club in Bangalore and ran the business for 4 years. I have been playing basketball since I was in 2nd grade and now I’m also fluent in other sports such as football and boxing.
I was afraid of stepping onto the stage, used to fumble and couldn’t read properly. The Modern School gave me several opportunities where I could push myself harder and improve myself. The values and beliefs of my Alma Mater have helped me cruise through a lot of difficulties in life and I’m sure this is gonna stay with me, forever.

The values and beliefs of my Alma Mater have helped me cruise through a lot of difficulties in life and I'm sure this is gonna stay with me, forever.

Vidyatree Modernite selected for Jr. NBA National

Anushka Singh is selected in Jr. NBA National Camp held at JP Greens Noida. 50 selected players participated in this camp from all over India out of which 12 players were selected for National Camp. State Camp of Uttar Pradesh were held at La Martiniere Girls College

Welcoming our new students in Nursery

‘To be what we are, and to become what we are capable of becoming, is the only end of life’.
The Vidyatree Modern World College feels delighted to welcome Grade  Nursery  into our folds for new academic session 2019-20.
For celebrating the joy, we celebrated Pooh’s birthday. Learners came to know about  Pooh and also told about themselves. To celebrate his birthday they cut cake and wished him.They enjoyed  the day with great enthusiasm, lots of fun and music.

VMWC bags gold and silver medal at Sports event by Amar Ujala

Winners make a habit of manufacturing their own POSITIVE expectations in advance of the event.
Once again the student of VIDYATREE MODERN WORLD COLLEGE proved that they are no less than anyone in an event organised by a renowned newspaper Amar Ujala “bhule bisare khel” at river front stadium. Over 1200 students from 100 schools participatedin the event. Harshita of class 8th got gold in skipping rope. She did 220 skip in just 1 minute. Snigdha of class 4th got silver in skipping. She did 165 skip in 1 minute. The tug of war team won bronze medal . The student of VMWC again showed that they have the capability of excelling without stress.
Kudos to all the champs.

PYP Exhibition for Grade V

The PYP exhibition is the culminating event of the primary years in IB. This allows students to progress through a collaborative and critical thinking journey of inquiry. They explore local and global issues and showcase their conceptual learning .They make connection and dig deeper into the real world. With these ideologies, grade 5 learners of Vidyatree Modern World College, planned their exhibition. They started their journey of exhibition by selecting the issues which they wanted to inquire under transdisciplinary theme ‘Sharing the planet’ and  then they were divided into six groups with mentors wherein they collaborated ,researched, went for field trips, made logos  and prepared for the final presentation.

On 16th February, 19, the fifth graders of VMWC tried to be the change they wanted to see around them by finding out the solutions to the problems. Throughout their exhibition journey they thought of actions which they, at their level, can take to bring change in the World. The show started at 10.30 a.m. with the dance performance followed by a brief description about the whole idea of exhibition. The final day presentation was in the form of Nukaad Natak, Skits, Song, Dance drama and Mime. During their presentation, they even took a pledge to save the environment by planting more trees, never to waste paper and be more responsible for a better future. The Show was summed up by giving off the graduation certificates to the students by our Principal Sir, Mr. Prasanjit Chakraborty.  Principal Sir enlightened us with his words about importance of role of parents in students’ life and congratulated the students for their hard work.  The stage presentation was followed by presentations of the research work by the students in the auditorium.

Field trip to National Botanical Garden by UKG students

To enable our students to identify different types of plants and also according to our theme’Sharing the Planet’. Learners of Ukg grade were taken to the field trip at Botanical garden.Where they saw various plants ,trees,shrubs,herbs,and climbers etc. They touched these as well to observe the differences between them. They were able to recognise various plants too.Learners were very excited.

Indoor Games are a mind booster

Games always cheers our mood.
Pre primary had a wonderful experience by playing indoor games.
They sat together and learnt how to share games. They learnt numbers by doing hopscotch number games. It was a great experience that through play they can learn many things and build interest.

My children have developed the confidence to face the world at VMWC

Vidyatree has been one of the best choices I made for my children. Here, my children have developed the skill to face the world with confidence. The teachers are very friendly and cooperative. All the extra curricular activities help in clarifying their concepts and develop interests in studies. The best part is that the school also helps the child become a better human beings taking care of environment, cooperating with others and helping others in need. It has been a wonderful journey with the school so far. Thanks.

Learners of Grade 1 learnt about occurrence of day and night

Have you ever wondered how does day and night occur?

Well to know this, learners of Grade 1 were shown a practical using globe and a torch. The room was darkened and the light was thrown on one side of globe.  Here they saw when torch(Sun) lighted one part of globe(Earth) then it was day in that region whereas the other side was dark which meant its night there. Earth’s rotation causes the occurrence of day and night. This practical constructed their understanding of occurrence of day and night.

Grade LKG students research on Living and Non Living Things

Real not real how do we know? Through experiment or research definitely we got to know.
This is how Grade LKG learners inquired about living and non living things. They smartly answered whatever we asked them and their faces were beaming with confidence as they were full of knowledge.

Challenging Floor to Ceiling activities to enhance brain development

Thinking skills are majorly enhanced when children are given a challenging task to do. Such tasks are called floor to ceiling tasks. Learners of Grade 1 were given a task named Scoop up where in they had to create double ice cream scoops of different flavors. They were given 5 flavors to select from which were strawberry, black currant, butter scotch, chocolate and kesar pista. The combination can not be repeated. The maximum combinations made were 18.

15 Reasons Why Vidyatree Modern is SUPER SAFE for our Children



Mindfulness practice by teachers and students creates a culture of care and non – violence.


Focus on constructivist method of learning results in stress free and fear free atmosphere.


Mindfulness and development of responsible behaviour prevents violence and bullying among children.


Teachers aren’t managed through fear, thus teachers create a fear-free atmosphere for children too.


Affectionate & mindful teachers create an atmosphere of ‘Discipline without fear’.


A fear free atmosphere enhances children’s brain development, especially with 25 children per classroom.


Children trust teachers and inform immediately of any problem.


The school educators see themselves as the ‘Alma Mater’ that is the ‘nurturing second mother’.



110+ CCTV Cameras all over the school.


Disciplined student dispersal at school closure.


Canteen food quality control involving teachers’ committee.


Ayahs travel in the school vehicles, with small children.


Shallow swimming pool with a coach and lifeguards at all times.


Advanced fire safety and security system with high preparedness for emergencies.


Advanced electrical safety system.

Theme – Sharing the planet

Under the theme sharing the planet learners of UKG went for nature walk and explored about parts of plant, understood that plant sustain life on earth and play an important role in their lives. They also declared that humans and plants depend on each other.

39th Annual Celebrations – Day 3

The event started with the school prayer followed by Surya Namaskar by the tiny tots of Grade LKG. The Nursery children enthralled the audience by performing on Waka Waka. The little ones mesmerized everyone by their International Dance, Story, Animal Act and aerobics. The students of UKG left the audience spellbound by their performance on OUR SCHOOL IS THE BEST.

The parents came in huge number to encourage and see their children perform. At this young The Pre-Primary students of Vidyatree Modern World College celebrated their

Annual Day on 23rd December, 2018 in the school auditorium. All the little ones came dressed in vibrant colors according to their programme in the sunny afternoonage performing on stage requires a lot of courage but as the school believe in inculcating skills and a stress free environment, the little ones blossom like flowers under the guidance of their teachers.

The event was graced by the presence of the Special Guests- MP Mr. Sharad Tripathi, Mr. Nagendra Sharma, Assistant Manager, Times of India and Mrs. Nabeela Khan of Little Champs School.

The Annual Report was read by the Principal Mr. Prasenjit Chakraborty. Our Founder Sir Mr. Rakesh Kapoor and Director Mr. Siddhartha Kapoor encouraged and blessed the students with their presence.

The event concluded by the Vote of Thanks and singing of the National anthem.

39th Annual Celebrations – Day 2

A day to celebrate the completion of one more successful and mindful year is our Annual Day. Saturday, December 22, 2018 was the day when our learners from Grade 1 to 5 presented their various abilities in form of dance, drama and music. Audiences were made familiar with our IB Learner profiles through an action song by Grade 1. The program was followed by ‘Joy of learning ‘ play wherein they reflected how an IB school is different from a traditional school. vmwc teaches French as our 3rd language. To present its understanding a choir song and an action song by grade 4,5 and 1 was also presented. Heartthrob performances on international styles by Grade 1 to 5  and theme-Sharing the planet by Grade 2 and 3 left everlasting memories.

39th Annual Celebrations – Day 1

Vidyatree Modern World College celebrated their 39th Annual Function on 21.12.2018, Friday, amidst great zest, vibrancy and elation. Justice D.K Trivedi was the esteemed Chief Guest. Among other dignitaries present were the founders, principal and parents.

The function began at around 6:00 p.m. with a melodious prayer by the middle school students.

The Cultural Programme based on the school’s philosophy ‘Mindfulness’ portrayed a variety of shows from the middle and senior school. A dance on ‘Ganga’ was superbly carried off depicting the advent of Ganga on the earth with the help of Lord Shiva. The dance steps were well synchronized and graceful. Another item on the agenda was on ‘Discrimination’, a very meaningful act for the society. The Annual Report of the past session was shared by the Principal.

The dynamic effect of the drama on ‘Mahabharata ‘left its traces on the audience and received a great applause. The relentless hard work and vision of the students was highly appreciated and lauded.

A student is a celebrity while he performs in his school and one must appreciate the glory of their celebration .

Rising Star – A Kids Carnival

Today a Rising star a Kids carnival was held at Vidyatree modern World College.The aim of this event was to help children from age2+ to 5 to exhibit their talents and skills. This acted as a platform from children across various schools in Lucknow. Various events were organised during the event such as Story Telling , Clay Modelling, Poetry Recitation, Fancy Dress and Art Competition.Children across the city attended this events along with their parents.The children exhibited their skills with great enthusiasm.Most of the parents encouraged their children to participate in multiple competitions.Our team was enthralled to see the little ones displaying their creativity, confidence and imagination. All the participants were given certificates and trophies to motivate them and encourage them for their