Rising Star – A Kids Carnival

Today a Rising star a Kids carnival was held at Vidyatree modern World College.The aim of this event was to help children from age2+ to 5 to exhibit their talents and skills. This acted as a platform from children across various schools in Lucknow. Various events were organised during the event such as Story Telling , Clay Modelling, Poetry Recitation, Fancy Dress and Art Competition.Children across the city attended this events along with their parents.The children exhibited their skills with great enthusiasm.Most of the parents encouraged their children to participate in multiple competitions.Our team was enthralled to see the little ones displaying their creativity, confidence and imagination. All the participants were given certificates and trophies to motivate them and encourage them for their

Educational Field trip to Imambara by Grade XI Humanities

Educational Trips give the ideas and opportunities to visit important places that help to visualize what students are learning at school. Not only it helps to develop the overall personality of the students but also it is beneficial for every student to acquire more knowledge through actual exposure to different places.
VIDYATREE MODERN WORLD COLLEGE organized an educational trip to Imambara, Lucknow on November 22nd, 2018 for the students of Class XI Humanities. The trip aimed to expose the children to new experiences so as to arouse interest in social science and understand the blending of Indo-Islamic architecture, life style, ancient water harvesting techniques adopted during the Navabi period.
The trip began with the visit to Bada Imambara which included the real life architectural examples of true arches, hemispherical domes, magnificent gateways, beautiful garden outlay and elevated platforms in Indo-Islamic architecture of the Mughal buildings. The students witnessed Asia’s largest hall built without any support of pillars or beams.

Vidyatree Modern genuinely feels like a family

“I honestly recommend this school to all my friends and family. I am so happy with the progress my daughter has made in her second year at VMWC. The teachers are all welcoming and friendly and it genuinely feels like a family. The school report was fabulous and not only told me how she was doing in class and learning, it also gave me information on how she gets on with peers and concentrates which was a real insight.
This year, we are trying to get admission of our second child in nursery. Hope she Will get it for her bright future.
      Thank you to all at vmwc”

Summative Assessment for Grade V on Legacies of Civilization

Learners of grade 5 as their Summative assessment presented a mini exhibition in which they showcased their understanding about civilizations and its legacies.They made various artifacts and dressed up in the way the people used to dress in the past.They demonstrated the attributes of thinker and communicator as they answered all the questions with confidence.

Field trip gives us a real life experience and teaches us a lot

Field trips are always remembered throughout our life as we learn by exploring and getting real life experience.

Grade Nursery children visited the fire station to extend their knowledge about fire fighters. They got a hands on-experience on fire safety and the very important community helper- the fire fighter. They watched how firefighters use their fire truck in an emergency. The fire fighters showed them the different equipment used by them and demonstrated the use of a fire extinguisher. Children were ecstatic when they saw a fire fighter slide down the pole. They were full of curious questions which were answered by the fire fighters. The firefighters were surprised by the children’s wit when they told them the emergency number which they can call on when a fire breaks out. It was a fun filled, informative experience which the children can use to associate with their immediate environment. Learners also visited police station, Hospital, Postoffice and Nursery. They explored and learnt how community helpers help us in our day to day life.

Mindfulness Class to make us more alert and alive

“Discipline without fear” and “Excellence without distress” are the two major pillars of our school. To inculcate these values among the students their regular mindfulness classes are conducted. Today the mindfulness class of grade 11 was conducted by our Rector Sir, Mr Rakesh kapoor. He enlightened them to be mentally and physically fit. Students were motivated to choose some daily exercises like “surya namaskaar”, “yog” or daily practice of games like football or basketball. Also he guided them with the lifelong learning of behaving in the appropriate manner seeing the situation, person and resources. Students were also made aware about the whirlpool going on in the mind and how to clean the mind to be free from them.

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When racing teaches us about cardinal and ordinal numbers

Racing is one of the all time favorite sport for kids. We can always find them racing even when they do their work. How interesting and exciting it will be if they learn about numbers through racing. Learners were introduced to ‘Cardinal and Ordinal numbers’  through racing. They ran in groups of 8 to 10. Then at whatever position they reached they were ranked as 1st,  2nd, 3rd and so on. They were asked two questions that were, With how many children did you run? At what position did you reach? Their answers made them understand the use of ordinal and cardinal numbers.

Experiential learning in Senior School

When practical learning goes parallel to your theoretical subject, the child is able to develop better understanding and connection with the topic. The students of Grade XI did a practical in Physics to verify the law of parallelogram of vectors.

Vidyatree wins the First Runners Up trophy in Cricket School Tournament

20th Avinash Chandra Chaturvedi Memorial Inter School Cricket Tournament was organised by Avijay Charitable Trust from October 22 to November 5 at La Martiniere College Cricket Ground.

Vidyatree team with full enthusiasm qualified three league matches and moved to quarter finals. In which ,Aviral Singh was awarded as the ‘Man of the Match’ and then the team was qualified for semifinals.
The team won the semifinal by a great margin of 10 wickets and were then off for the finals.
Aryan raj was given ‘the Batsman of the Tournament’ .
The school stood as a runner up in the tournament.

Vidyatree bags Second positions in 10th VIVA Judo Competition 2018

10th VIVA Judo Competition 2018 was held at Vibgyor High school, Gomti Nagar on 15th November 2018 where about 250 students from various school participated to win the shining trophy and medals.

Students from Grade I to VIII of our school participated in the event to represent our school. We bagged Second position and won 19 gold medals in various rounds. Our students participated with great enthusiasm.

They got even more motivated after getting this rewards.

Diwali on the Basketball court of VMWC

Deepawali or the festival of lights symbolises not only the ancient importance but also the victory of light over darkness. School is the second home to the students and the field a place of worship to the players. So it goes without saying that Diwali must not only be celebrated with the first family but also with the family at school.
  With the same motive VMWC organised a court lighting ceremony on the occasion of Deepawali where students came and light the candles on the school’s basketball court. The court brightened up with the candles amidst the darkness of the night that was a treat to watch. Everybody worshipped the court as well as the field and payed respect. Then there was photograph session after which the students went back getting prasad.

Diwali Celebrations at Vidyatree Modern World College

May the divine light of Diwali spread into your life peace, prosperity, happiness and good health.
Students of pre primary came in a beautiful traditional attire. Learners also learnt that Diwali  is called the Festival of Light. It is believed that on this day Rama returned to his kingdom  after 14 years of exile during which he fought and won a battle against the demons and the demon king, Ravana.
Learners decorated diyas and they were excited to take those diyas home. They said they would light the same diyas on Diwali.

Practice on HOTS and LOTS in Computer

Students of class X were made to do the written work practice based on the ICSE type questions which is a combination of HOTS and LOTS. Also they followed the time management in the same way as they are suppose to follow in the board examinations of Computer Applications.

Experiential learning in Biology

The students did lot of practical learning as it helps in experiential learning. The practical was done to detect protein in the food sample.

The second practical was for the detection of biomolecules and vitamins in food sample.

Drawing Competition for Primary Students

A beautiful mode of expressing ones own feelings is, ‘Painting’, where different colours make the drawn feelings alive and realistic. Learners of VMWC’s primary section expressed their feelings on ‘Celebrating a festival in an eco-friendly manner’ . Their paintings reflected the adverse effects of using non-degradable products, pollution caused by crackers etc. Many paintings, many colours, many feelings, many emotions. Though a sheet of paper fell short for it, but still what splashed on the paper was outstanding.

Grade XI got an opportunity to understand Share Market

Class 11 C getting knowledge about how to read the share market i.e sensex, nifty, analyzing individual performance of banking sector shares and reading other statistics related to share market. Session being conducted as a part of Commerce activity.

Cooking without fire by Senior Students

As convention goes at VMWC; the 2nd of November, another Friday, another unique house event for students to showcase their creativity, thinking skills and expertise in the area, which our countrymen hold very dear, food.  The event was titled, cooking without fire, an apt model of a typical cooking competition, it’s safe also very tricky. Students of grade 6th to 12th prepped all their food items right at the spot and cooked very interesting delicacies which they then beautifully decorated. Our judges were delighted by the dishes served by each house equally and faced an immense decision. Given just how much effort the students had put into the food that they had made and how they communicated their cooking methods to the judges (our principal sir and Ghosh ma’am), all the teachers were equally impressed.

Fancy Dress Competitions for the Pre Primary students

The way you dress is an expression of your personality. Students of pre primary section participated in fancy dress competition. Through this they expressed themselves by using verbal and nonverbal communication. This activity not only unfolded their creative personality but also gave them an opportunity to display the attribute of being a communicator.

Grade V students interacted with Guest speaker

Central Idea — Evidence of past civilizations can be used to make connections to present – day societies.

Enthusiastic students of PYP 5 had a wonderful session with the guest speaker Mr. Arka Ray (senior history teacher). Mr. Ray helped the students understand the characteristics of civilization in detail. Students were curious to learn and understand more about their current topic and enthusiastically participated in discussion conducted by him. Mr. Ray satisfied their inquiring minds by giving satisfactory answers to their questions. It was an interactive and fruitful session.