Inquiring, researching and giving presentations with learning new concepts in Computer

Constructivist method of teaching lets the students to dive into the ocean of knowledge and understanding. In grade 9, for the introduction of the chapter looping and jumping statements in Java, students prepared group wise presentation. At first, they inquired and researched about the topic and prepared the presentation. Secondly they presented the same individually to the class. Last but not the least they had to conduct the cross question session to ensure the 100% understanding.

Public Speaking as a part of routine at VMWC

Public speaking builds up ones confidence and enhances communication skills. A mode of so is the assembly presentations by various learners from different grade levels. They perform stories, poems etc. They reflect over their units of inquiry. This enables them to project our learning methodology in IB curriculum.

Dusshera Celebration at VMWC

We all got both LIGHT and DARK inside of us, What matters is the part we  choose to act on, That’s who we really are.

Dusshera depicts the end of darkness by lighting the lamp called ‘Purity of Soul’ and it celebrates triumph of Lord Ram’s good over Ravana’s evil. The yellow flame of fire burns the ten heads of Ravana symbolising LUST, DELUSION, ANGER, GREED, PRIDE, ENVY, EGO…. Thus, the dazzles of fire leaves a beginning of truth and purity after burning the darkness in us.

Following the past traditions and hailing our cultural heritage, We at VMWC celebrated Dusshera on 17th October. There was joy, colorsand brightness with girls in Ghagra and Choli and boys in Indian formals to celebrate the bloom of spirits.

Class 11th performed Ramleela with great ardor and enthusiasm. They brought the characters back to life and we felt like a part of the epic.

Class 12th made an embodiment of Ravana and the burn down was enjoyed by the whole school. The entire school danced to the beats of folk songs carrying with them the spark to choose the righteous path.

Experiential learning in Mathematics

Experiential learning in Mathematics helps children clear their basic concepts.

By this activity Students learnt to find middle term in any sequence.
They learnt about two and one middle term as if number of terms is odd then only one middle term, if number of term is even then two middle term exist in a sequence.
They learnt formula to find middle term as n/2 & (n/2 +1) if number of terms is even. Formula for middle term is (n+1)/2, if
Number of terms is odd.

Students of LKG interacted with a Guest Speaker

Kids deserve to be Happy, healthy and safe.
Learners of Grade LKG  were taught about the safety rules. The session was conducted by Dr Sonal Gupta ( psychologist). She taught learners how to behave  with others and she took this session from known to Unknown in which they learnt how to behave with strangers and who all can come in their safe circle.
This session made the students more aware and mindful.

Experiential learning in Chemistry

Some signs that a chemical change occurred include temperature increase, spontaneous change in color after mixing compounds, a marked odor after the reaction begins, formation of a precipitate in the solution and release of bubbles. While telling the difference between a physical change and a chemical change can seem tricky at first, knowing these signs that indicate a chemical reaction has taken place can make this important scientific concept much more straightforward. Students of grade 7 were performing experiments for these chemical change to get a proper understanding about the topic.

Summative Assessment for students of Grade 2

We explore, we do, we learn and we present

We have become so used to of seeing publics spaces around us that we hardly think that which are the most important public spaces and what should be the appropriate distance between that public space and residential area.

Students of grade 2 did a unit on Public spaces and as their summative assessment designed an ideal city by keeping the most important public spaces nearest to their residential area. They also gave space to those public spaces which should be in the city but not necessarily very near to the residential area. They made models depicting the same and presented it in the class giving reasons behind their selection.

An Interaction with the Guest Speaker for Upper KG students

As it is said Health is wealth,
But how and who will take care,
Lets see the way we take care.
Learners of UKG  had a wonderful session with Dr Savita. She is a dietician and she knows how the balanced diet  makes us fit as a fiddle. She explained how  nutritious substances work on our body and how important they are.Learners attended  the session with great enthusiasm. They also understood how healthy lifestyle of each person is different as per their gender, height and weight.
It was amazing that they  asked so many questions and got their doubts cleared.

Parents Visit to the classroom for first hand experience

Parents of grade 4 students were given the chance to visit one of the PYP classrooms and get first hand experience of the Ib teaching pedagogy.

Some common points which they observed and appreciated in their feedback are:

  1. Learning environment in the class
  2. Students were sitting in groups because of which teacher can see all of them at one go and pay more attention to those who require.
  3. All the students were eager to answer the questions asked by the teacher
  4. All the students were happy and ready to learn
  5. All the students were focused.

The parents were very happy and eager for their children to get this type of education

Annual Sports Day for Senior School

“Sports teaches you character , it teaches you to play by the rules, it teaches you know what it feels like to win and lose- it teaches you about life”

Vidyatree Modern World College celebrated its annual sports day for their Senior Section  on 6th, October, 2018 in the college premises. The event started with the lighting of torch by the sports teacher Mr. Rajneesh Trivedi along with the sports captain of the four house. A well organized drill was presented by the students of grades 9th to 12th.

Chief Guest Dr. D. M. Tripathi, National level Hockey Player and All India Gold Medalist in athletics encouraged the students with his  motivational words and told them the value of sports. Principal Mr. Presenjit Chakraborty said that sports is an important part of education and students should actively take part in it.

The event was held Housewise. The event included Races, Shotput, Kabaddi, Kho-Kho and Tug-of-war. Children displayed great  physical and mental strength in games like kabaddi and kho-kho. Great teamwork was displayed by all the four houses. Krishnamurthy House was the winner in Boys Kabaddi and Socrates House was the winner in Girls Kabaddi.

The semi-finals were held in the school campus on 5th, October. The program concluded by singing of the National Anthem.

Parents are getting an opportunity to visit to live classrooms

Now the parents can see the VMWC methodology of teaching by visiting the live class rooms
They were amazed to see that how the students are connecting their studies with the real life experiences. Parents are getting chance to sit and observe how we are different from other schools.

Role play by pre primary students to enhance their knowledge

Doctor , Doctor ,come and see there is something wrong with me.
 Cough or cold  do check again.
  I’ ve to run and catch a train
Today  learners of Grade Nursery did a role play of Hospital they acted like a doctor, nurse, ward boy, patient etc.
They used the doctor’s kit and developed their understanding by telling the names such as – stethoscope, injection, surgical scissors, medicine and showed care towards the patients

Gandhi Jayanti Celebrations

” Be the change that you want to see in the world”
Vidyatree Modern World College celebrated Gandhi Jayanti on 2nd October in the school auditorium.
At 9.30am the auditorium enchanted with the song ‘ Vaishnav Jan’. Then a small student dressed as Gandhiji came with his three monkeys- See no evil, Hear no evil, Speak no evil.
The Head Boy Ajeet Verma invited Principal Sir to express his thoughts on Gandhiji. He enlightened the students with Gandhiji’s principles of non-violence. Later he also told the students to be always mindful.
Students of Grade 6 presented the bhajan ‘ Raghupati Raghav’ and highlighted some unknown facts about Mahatma Gandhi.
Senior students expressed their views about Gandhiji’s philosophy and had a debate among them.
Saroj Rai our senior coordinator concluded the program with her valuable words.

Experience of real life

This is IB where real life vision is experienced by the kids and it helps them comprehend the value of relationships and family in their lives.
Families are people who care about us, mother & father,  sister & brother and grandpa & grandma and many others. One family is big while another is small. Family, A little bit of crazy, a little bit of loud but a whole lot of love.
Learners of LKG red demonstrated the attribute of being reflective by dressing up as their favourite family member which revealed their love and affection towards the family member who they love the most. They also expressed the reason why they love them. After watching the stories based on family, kids also realized about the compassion which they have for their other family members too like grandfather,  grandmother, mother, father, sister, brother, pets and other people i.e. teachers and friends in their school. The children portrayed the roles magnificently which made them feel cheerful, joyous, emotional and blissful at the same time.

Cooking without fire

When you cook without fire, it means you are thinking to eat something healthy without oil and spices.
Learners of Grade UKG showcased their creativity by making the healthy food items without fire. They gave creative names to their dishes such as crunch munch, healthy stuff roles, watermelon pizza, apple cookies and many more.They learnt how healthy food items can be made within a few minutes.

Learning Shapes using Animals

We make the world we live in and shape our own environment.

This is what  learners of Grade LKG learnt by  making animals using different shapes. They not only learnt about the shapes but  they also learnt how do we care for them and their needs.

Learners also shared their experiences by telling about their behaviour and feelings towards the animals. For instance, we should feed the animals as they have no voice to share their feelings, we should grow the trees for  their shelter. This was a wow moment  for me that the five year old child is thinking  about the animals life.

Real life experiences in Classroom

Welcome to the toddlers restaurant, come let’s dine together and enjoy our service.
Learners of Grade Nursery presented a role play on restaurant. They developed the speaking skills by asking ‘ Good morning ma’am and sir, may I help you, how was the food and many more sentences. They demonstrated the attitude of being  confident by speaking the new words like waiter, chef, manager, customer,menu,starter etc. They learnt how to behave with others. It was a great experience for them to learn the things by indulging in real life experience.

Experiential Learning in Physics

Experiential Learning for Grade XII students. They are finding the volume of solid sphere with using formula of radius and then compared this value to volume of same sphere calculated by water displacement method with help of measuring cylinder of capacity 25 ml in physics laboratory.