An inquiry into why do humans explore

As a PYP teacher, I began my unit of inquiry with a ‘Provocation’. It provokes learner’s curiosity, ideas, class discussions and interests.

So, I asked the learners some provocative questions like:

  • Why do humans explore?
  • How do humans explore?
  • Where do humans explore?
  • Which attributes or skills does human demonstrate during exploration?
  • Do you know any famous explorer?

These provocative questions helped me a lot to arouse curiosity among the learners. So, I gave them the opportunity to share their ideas and thoughts which enhanced their thinking skills. It also promoted class discussions because it is the most important technique of constructivist learning. Now they were completely intrinsically motivated to inquire the topic.

Inquiry Process: –

Firstly, Learners were asked to write their thought of the word “Exploration” and learner profiles or skills were used to describe the actions of the explorers.

Learners were asked to make their own groups.  Each group then selected its explorers and began their inquiries through tabs, videos and books. To find more about the explorers, they framed many questions based on Bloom’s taxonomy. ex.

  • Which country they belong to and why did they come?
  • Which route did they choose?
  • What are the reasons for their explorations?
  • What are the similarities and differences between Marco Polo and Vasco Da Gama?

During the inquiry, I was observing my learners and found that everyone was involved and intrinsically motivated to learn.

Pallavi Mishra

HRT: 4 Blue

Salt analysis by the grade XII

The qualitative inorganic analysis is a method of analytical chemistry that seeks to find out the elemental composition of inorganic compounds through various reagents. It is mainly focused on detection of ions in an aqueous solution. For this purpose students of grade 12 were detecting such ions in some chemicals to increase their theoretical knowledge into proper understanding. This practical knowledge will increase their curiosity level of learning the subject.

Practice makes a man perfect

“Practice makes the man Perfect”

VMWC is a place which focuses on building up the concepts other than just cramming the things. It also teaches you to handle all the critical things with ease and comfort. So, besides learning using traditional education system our class 11-C understood the concept of accounts by using 21st century education system.

Continuously studying a subject for 3-4 hours is too boring and makes all the students lethargic. To cover the topic with efficiency and full understanding, we performed an activity to learn the concepts of the chapter “Bills of Exchange”.

Today in our accounts class our teacher asked us to make the chits of all the students present in class, these chits were picked up by students one by one and whose name is asked on the chit is given a task to enter the transactions related to the topic on white board all the class were noting down the correct answers, if a student answering right, the whole class clapped for him/her and if the student answering wrong he/she had to apologize to the whole class by saying sorry thrice. This activity build self-confidence in themselves and they also realized in which area of the chapter they need to practice more.

Through this activity student’s listening and learning skills were tested and developed too.

Khushi Kesarwani

Student 11C

Learning in a different way

Today we had a class activity on the topic Insolvency of Drawee of chapter Bills of Exchange.

In this activity, the names of all the students were selected by draw of chits. The selected student were required to do a particular entry on board over the question given by our teacher.

The activity developed a sense of understanding and concept building among the student. It also encouraged the skill of teamwork.

Through this activity it is proven that learning is very easy when students lead the class and solve the problems by their own.

Nitya Verma             

Student 11 C

Little explorers at zoo

Field trip to zoo for our little learners on November 22, 2019, turned out to be a great success. They enjoyed a lot. Besides enjoyment the purpose of taking them to field trip was developing the skills of being an Inquirer and Knowledgeable.

Teachers facilitated them to satisfy their quench of knowledge. We were amazed to see the capacities of the little minds. Their over whelming response to the questions about animals and plants had no leeps and bounds. While enjoying with their friends they demonstrated the attributes of being caring, mindful and principled. They also spread awareness about saving environment by saying no to plastic.

Vidyatree ahead of Forbes…

Mindfulness in our school VMWC has been a priority long before it was published in Forbes magazine, the article emphasizes on calm and peace of mind which we have been learning since an early age by our founder sir Mr. Rakesh Kapoor. The article was about how different schools are putting mindfulness into their classrooms in foreign countries but here in our school we have been doing it from a long time.
?activities like watching our mind and learning from Patanjali sutras for peace of mind helps us understand better about ourselves.
Malay Pandey
XI Science

Guess who am I

Young learners of the early years of the PYP programme celebrated Children’s Day by participating in the Fancy Dress competition. Each child portrayed a different character and the confidence they have developed was clearly visible. On the stage also they gave clear evidence of their Self management and Communication skills. The event was judged by Ms. Rashmi Rastogi. The participants were judged under the criteria of ‘Introduction, expression and audibility’. Winners of the show were:

Nursery: Mohd. Arham Khan I ,    Bhavyaraj Kapoor  II , Keerat Kapoor, Samriddhi Singh III

LKG: Raghav Shukla  I, Kaushiki Sareen II, Nyra Chandran  III,

UKG:  Piyushi Chakravarty I, Alika Tazeen II, Ahana Arya III

In the end all the students were given a sapling as a take away followed by a discussion on the importance of plants in or life. All the children took the responsibility to take care of their plant.

Fun with Science

On 14th November,2019, that is Children’s day our school planned to take the students out for a trip to the “Regional Science City”. This, fun and educational trip to the science city made the children’s day a lot better. The children got to learn about many interesting models to enhance the minds of children and help them learn and understand some interesting facts of science.

There was a 3-D show which made the children explore the pre historic age.Then there was the scimax show which made the children learn about the space exploration missions,astronauts and NASA’s achievements in these missions.It was a fun trip and the students returned back with a happy face,new experiences and new pages attached to their school life.


Exhibition on different civilizations by Grade 5 students

Inquiry is the most important aspect of PYP. In the unit Civilization under the theme where we are in place and time learners inquired in detail about the characteristics of different civilisations and during the inquiry they found how the legacies of past civilisation is carried forward in the present day civilization. The inquiry process was carried out for three weeks and was presented to all the grades of PYP through Exhibition. This helped learners to gain confidence and build communication and Inquiry skills.

Won Viva Inter School Tournament

Vidyatree Modern basketball Under-16 girls team beat La Martiniere Girls in 11th Viva Inter School Tournament held in KD Singh Babu Stadium between 05-11-19 to 07-11-19 with a final score of 44-43. Top scorers of Vidyatree Modern were Anushka Singh-20, Urvi Ayyanger-15 and Ojaswi Singh-08.

Story telling competition

The learners honed their social and communication skills through the story telling competition where they narrated different moral stories in both English and Hindi. The criteria for judging the best stories were xpressions, fluency and pronunciation. Learners used voice modulations to make thier stories more impactul. The basic aim of this competition was to instill self- confidence in the students, eradicate the fear of stage fright from them and enhanc their public speaking skills.

School inculcated social and academic skills in me, says Sanyam (ICSE topper)

I Sanyam Jain of class 11 has been a part of this school for 12 years and the school environment has helped me a lot in inculcating social as well as academic skills. I scored 97.2% in my boards. The school’s teaching faculty guided me through all my problems and as a result of the immense hard work from the teachers part and mine, I was able to accomplish this task. I feel like daily revision of what is taught in the school and trying a few questions of all subjects daily will be just sufficient to get good grades. I managed my studies in such a way that most of my study time was given to self study. The pre boards that were taken before the boards gives you the glimpse of what type of questions would come. I had set a target before me and to achieve it, I dedicated myself to studies, kept myself motivated and paid heed to all the advice of my respected teachers I believe doing these things will get you through all the examination easily.

During this whole preparation and the exams I developed some of the most important skills and abilities of life like Inquirer, Thinker etc and above all how to manage yourself and your time.

Sanyam Jain

11th Science

Sanyam Jain scored 97% in 10th

I see my daughters developing confidence

A school never teaches you how to turn the situations, but teaches you how to survive in those situations.

Vidyatree Modern is a real life example for this.Children are growing flowers in this garden of knowledge and the teachers are the gardeners of this garden of knowledge who nurtures them in a stress free environment.

I have seen my daughters developing confidence in them specially Bhavya (Grade 1) as she has improved her reading and overcame stage fear as well. I have seen Bhavini (Grade II) also developing her thinking as she tries to answer all the questions with confidence.

My daughters are turning sincere at this very age with the school’s effort and are full of manners.

Won 3X3 Basketball Tournament

Under 17 girls team of Vidyatree Modern won the 3X3 basketball tournament  organized by DPS Eldeco between 11 Oct to 14 Oct. They secured first place in the tournament out of the total participation of 40 teams. Anushka Singh of class 9th was selected as the best player. Along with the trophy, team was awarded with a cash prize of Rs. 15000/.

Team with their coach Rajnish Trivedi

Dussehra Celebration 2019

Lord Rama is considered to be a special person, who used to follow his principles and faced all the challenges. He is the one who enlightened the world by his thoughts. He considered all the living beings equal. He gave the thought that men and women are equal and women should be respected. To celebrate Rama’s character and Indian culture Ramleela was performed by the students and Dussehra was celebrated. The goals achieved were to celebrate truth and purity (vidya) and delete impurity and false knowledge.

Dussehra was celebrated at Vidyatree Modern on 5th October, 2019. The celebration began with play Ramleela which was performed by the students of class 6th to 11th. The play was anchored by the students of grade 11th. The ground was full of cheers, applauses, and slogan of ‘Jai Shree Ram’ when lord Rama and Ravan come along to the ground along with their sena.

Ramleela ended up with Lord Rama defeating Ravan, thereby depicting that in the end good always wins over evil and untruth can never take over truth. Ramleela was followed by Ravan Dahen. The statue of Ravan was made by the students of class 12th uner the guidance of our Art teacher. All the students of classes 1st to 12th, teachers, parents and alumni became part of this celebration and made it a  memorable one like every year.

Article by

Nilasha Pandey

Class X Red

UKG students Learning to stay healthy

Under their theme Who we are, students of UKG are learning about how our choices  and daily routine affect our health. To exlore it further they attended a guest lecture by Ms. Pallavi Goswami who is a PE coach. She discussed and also made them realize the importance of exercise in our life through various activities.

We need to exercise to keep ourselves healthy and fit

Yes! It is a picnic day: Malay Pandey

Well the 17th of September was a great day in terms of weather due to the fact that it wasn’t sunny neither humid. The day was well planned and thought of for the water park trip. The day started at the school but today was different. The students wee more happy and excited than usual.

The Amrapali water park was about to open soon. The students did the prayer ad after brief talking we took off in the buses. We reached the park in about 45 minutes of bus ride.

The welcome was pleasing and were met with snacks and drinks. Then we changed into our swimming costumes and from that moment it was way all splashes. We put on sunscreens just in case and after some precaution talks we let ourselves in water. There were three pools of different depths and we had the time to play in each one.

It was crazy fun with the pop music and best friends in the pools. We played volley ball in water with our teachers.

We had a lot of fun and  on the slides and rides. The big see- saw, the wave pool and then the food.

The food was a very interesting combination of Chole bhature and fried rice. The trip ended with ice cream cups and I am sure it’s a day which will be in the conversation among children ever.

5 Students selected for Nationals

When you are stress-free you do wonders wherever you go.

Bringing laurels to the school five students from Vidyatree Modern got selected for Nationals in 65th Sate Basketball Championship which was held in Azamgarh UP.

Anushka Singh and Zaid Khan got selected for under 17 team where as Akshat Mishra, Shreyas Singh and Soumya Singh got selected for under 14 Nationals.

‘I begun the journey of my success at the school’ Dr. Nitin Mukherjee, Neurosurgeon UK.

School’s alumnae Dr. Nitin Mukherjee, who is a Neurosurgeon in UK visited the school with his kids on 14th of August 2019. He addressed the students’ morning assembly and shared his success story and the role of Vidyatree Modern in it. He specially talked about the importance of mindfulness practice done at school. He also took his children for a short visit into the classes and made his kids experience the quality teaching done at the school.