Cognito: The Annual Science Model Exhibition Held at VMWC

The Vidyatree Modern World College held its Annual Science Models Exhibition titled as Cognito. The theme of this year’s exhibits was ‘Innovation for Sustainable Development’. Over two hundred models were designed and exhibited by the students from classes one to eleven. The inaugural lightning of the lamp ceremony was performed by the Founder of the school Shri Rakesh Kapoor and and patron Shri Nityanand Ji.  The models were presented on Green Energy, Innovation in Transport, Communication, Agricultural Technology, Smart City, Biodiversity and Environmental Solution etc.

With an endeavour to create and promote scientific temperament amongst the budding talents of the School, Cognito was numero uno platform. Innovative working models and and investigation based projects were the hallmarks of the event.

The parents of the students too were invited to be testimony of budding scientists and architects of future. The parents and the visitors were mesmerised by the creativity and implementation of new ideas and themes. The budding talents showcased the fact that the future of the nation is secure, sustainable and supreme. All the participants were found explaining projects to the visitors and answering querries with dexterity and precision. The event marked the scientific, logical and technological sound knowledge of the students. The participants had put in diligence and commitment to excel in the competition.

A jury comprising distinguished scientists and academic behemoths was entrusted with the task of judging the models. The jury lauded the students for their novel ideas which would help the world become a better place to live in. Principal of the school Mr Prasenjit Chakraborty thanked all the participants and extolled them for generating and sustaining pathbreaking ideas in the field of science.

40 teams from 27 reputed schools of Lucknow participated in first ever Mathematics Hackathon organised by Vidyatree Modern World College

Mathematics is everywhere; it is the basis of modern technological world and is must for at least 70% of modern careers. Yet most children, the world over, fear and hate mathematics. But the students at Vidyatree Modern World College, Aliganj (previously Modern School), love mathematics and are proud of it. They say ‘maths is easy’. To showcase this love and share our joy VMWC organized first ever in the city, an Inter School Competition  Mathematics Hackathon, on Sunday, 14 May, 2017. The Chief Guest to the event was Mr. Kumar Sanjeev, HDFC Regional Head of UP.


Mathematics Hackathon comprised of a 3 hour marathon of solving upto 50 challenging mathematical problems. To keep the hackathon fair and transparent, the host school i.e., VMWC was not eligible for any prizes. Almost 41 teams from 27 reputed school participated enthusiastically in the Hackathon. The participating schools were : Lucknow Public College, Pioneer Montessori Inter College, Hoerner College, Study Hall, CMS LDA Branch, Brightland Inter College, Central Academy, Scholar’s Home, G.D Goenka Public School, Raj Kumar Academy, Amity International School, New Way Senior Secondary School, City Montessori School, Spring Dale College, La Martiniere College, Modern Academy, The Millennium School (Sitapur Road), Delhi Public  School, Lucknow Public School, St. Joseph College.

The winning team was from G D Goenka Public School who were awarded Rs. 5000 per participant with a beautiful winner’s trophy and certificates. The winning participants were Yashavi, Rudransh, Kartikey and Ankish. The runner-up team was from City Montessori School, Aliganj branch who were awarded Rs. 2000 per participant and a beautiful runner-up trophy and certificates to each participant. The runner up participants were Nimish Mishra, Gaurang Tandon, Namami Shankar and Abhigyan Dwivedi.

The Chief Guest, Mr. Kumar Sanjeev, Regional Head, HDFC, blessed the children and said that learning should be lifelong. He added that in a competition not just the winners gain, but every team which participates learns and gains. Everyone is a winner in terms of learning. Children must utilise every opportunities that comes their way by participating in challenges and competitions.

Maths-is-Easy: demonstrate VMWC students

How many times have you ever heard someone say ‘Maths is Easy!’?

We at Vidyatree Modern World College would answer always!

Mathematics Cognito, our annual mathematics fair, is a display of the statement ‘Maths is Easy’ with every student participating enthusiastically, displaying exhibits of maths in everyday life.

With a wholehearted participation from students of all classes, an array of exhibits filled up the room. While some students focused on the use of mid-point theorem in construction of bridges and towers, and history of number system, there were others who included maths in their passion by displaying how to measure the speed of ball in cricket.

Students at Maths Cognito 2016
Student displaying how the Barcode works

Also, there were few who used maths and technology showcasing quadratic equations in the game Angry Birds, and the mathematics of barcodes and QR codes.

Pre-primary students too excitedly presented Venn diagrams to discuss differences and similarities between themselves and their family members, and arranging car number plates in ascending and descending order. Justice D K Trivedi, Chairman of the school’s committee, congratulated the school and remarked, “Every class performed well. It was an excellent show.”

We had also released a booklet on this occasion, ‘How to help your child love mathematics’, which is beautifully designed with simple tips that parents can try anytime. Mr. Rakesh Kapoor, the school’s Founder declared, “The prevailing tendency of fear of mathematics must end. Each child is capable of understanding maths.”

Mathematics is the basis of modern technological world and is must for at least 70% of modern careers. Yet most children, the world over, fear and hate mathematics. With a curriculum that follows the philosophy of ‘Maths is Easy’, we aim at removing the fear of maths from the minds of students and parents likewise. And our annual mathematics fair shows how successful we have been in our endeavour.

Students at Cognito 2015 showcase Lucknow as a Smart City


VMWC organised its Annual Creativity Fair, Congnito, on 13th December,2015. The aim of this event is to help students build connection between their classroom learning and real life. It also gave them opportunity to demonstrate their thinking, research, communication and problem solving skills.

With the theme of Smart City, students set up projects and demonstrated the guests, parents and judges, models of their vision of smart city.

Padma Shree Dr. Nityanand, eminent scientist and former director of CDRI, was a special guest at the event and was amazed at the kids’ creativity. The visitors also appreciated the students’ research about various practices all over the world their feasibility in Lucknow city. Their clarity of concept while explaining the model was exemplary. It obviously reflected the way learning takes place at VMWC.

The Vidyatree Modern Alumni Association (VMAA) sponsored two young innovator awards with cash prize of Rs. 20,000 and Rs. 10,000 for outstanding projects. This event motivated the students to think beyond the bookish knowledge and get into shoes of a responsible citizen exploring ways to make Lucknow a better place.

Reverse Counting by Tiny Tots!

The tiny tots of Grade KG A very enthusiastically displayed their skills of reverse counting in the Mathematics Cognito. They picked up numbers written on paper-ice creams and arranged them in reverse order from 20 to 1.The visitors appreciated their efforts.

History of Greek Number System!

Class VI A presented the history of  the Greek Number System before the visitors. They enlightened them on the origin and usage of the Greek numerals in ancient times. Here, the guest of honour at the Mathematics Cognito, Mr Elton deSouza, former Principal La Martiniere Boys College, is seen paying keen interest in the history of the Greek numerals explained by a student of Class VI.

Lamp Lighting Ceremony at the Mathematics Cognito

The Mathematics Cognito held on 23rd December, 2012 kick started with the lamp lighting ceremony by the Chief Guest, Dr. Nityanand, Former Chairman of the School’s Advisory Council and former Director, CDRI, and also the Guest of Honour, Mr Elton deSouza, Former Principal La Martiniere Boys College. Also gracing the occasion were Ms Meena Kane, Principal, The Modern School, Aliganj and Siddhartha Kapoor, Deputy Director and PYP Coordinator.

24th Mathematics Cognito “Joy Of Mathematics”

The Modern School celebrated the joy of mathematics as it organised the 24th Mathematics Cognito on December 23, 2012 on its premises. ‘Cognito’ comes from the word ‘cognition’, which means mental action or process of acquiring knowledge and understanding through thought, experience, and the senses. This time the project fair was based exclusively on Mathematics and associated concepts.

Students from pre-primary classes upto class XIIth participated in the event with enthusiasm. They exhibited projects on various topics like Fractions, Decimals, Area, Perimeter, Time, Boolean Algebra, Patterns, Coding-Decoding, Addition, Picks Theorem, Michelson Experiment, Measurement, Statistics, Geometry etc. Their work also demonstrated the history and evolution of Mathematics very well.

Students tested the knowledge and skills of several visitors by asking them to solve simple mathematical problems.

The aim of the Mathematics Cognito was to help people understand that Mathematics is not only an interesting subject but it is also omnipresent and integral to real life. Parents and visitors immensely appreciated the entire concept behind the event. Many admitted that it also helped them increase their knowledge of Mathematics.

Dr Nityanand, former chairman of the school’s advisory council and former director, CDRI, was the chief guest on the occasion while Mr. Elton D’Souza , former Principal, La Martiniere Boys’ College, was the guest of honour.  Both were visibly impressed by the level of understanding of the students. While chatting with the founder of the school, Mr Rakesh Kapoor, both the guests said that such innovative events go a long way in helping students shed fear of Mathematics.

Cognito 2010

The Modern School organized COGNITO 2010 – The 22nd Annual Projects Fair on December 25th, 2010 with great fervor and enthusiasm . The programme was organized in the school grounds where the students from pre-primary to Class XII demonstrated their scientific temperament and creativity. It was a fusion of science, arts and culture with over 65 projects.

Present were Dr. Nityanand, Former Director CDRI and former Chairman of the school’s Advisory Council. The event was presided over by Honorable Justice DK Trivedi (Retd), senior most Judge of Lucknow Bench of the Allahabad High Court, and current Chairman of the school’s Advisory Council. And also present was the founder of the school, Shri Rakesh Kapoor, the quality pioneer and creator of KQES curriculum. They were all enthralled by the passion and creativity of the students.

The special guest to the event was Mr. Ritik Malhotra, undergraduate student at University of California Berkely in USA and two time second place winner at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair. He observed that the students are much smarter than students of the same age in the USA, and that The Modern School is one of very few schools in India taking a step in the right direction by hosting a projects fair like Cognito (and that too for the 22nd time!) and developing creativity of students and facilitating in-depth scientific experimentation.

Also Ms. Meena Kane, Principal, welcomed the chief guest and other guests. She talked about the newly introduced International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program (IB PYP) system of education, brought to the city of Lucknow for the first time by The Modern School, Aliganj. IB PYP is headquartered at Geneva and has more than 3000 schools across 139 countries have implemented this curriculum. IB PYP classes are child centered unlike traditional classrooms which are teacher and book centered. An IB PYP teacher facilitates the curiosities, questions and research and inquiry strands of children.

Ms. Meena Kane also announced the opening of the Day Boarding facility at the school premises which parents would be able to avail from the new session next year.

The students demonstrated projects like the production of electricity through water, robotic hand, a car for which water was used as fuel, bio generator using bio diesel made from waste vegetable oil the waste products of which were used to make soap, probability, genetic engineering, Rain Water Harvesting, Working of satellite, Optical illusion, Commerce gallery etc.

Primary children were not behind from their senior counterparts with projects like Motorized boat, DJ lights, Chipko  Movement and Dadi Ma ke Nuskhe.

The tiny tots of pre primary displayed the varied and rich culture of India through setups aout the various festivals and traditions in India.

Ritik Malhotra at Cognito 2010

Ritik Malhotra, an undergraduate student studying Electrical Engineering & Computer Science at University of California, Berkeley in the United States of America, has been invited as a special guest to Cognito 2010 – The 22nd Annual Projects Fair at The Modern School in Aligani, Lucknow, India.

Ritik is scientifically-driven and has been engrossed in scientific research for the past three years. Through his efforts, Ritik has become a two-time finalist (in 2009 & 2010) at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF), winning second place both times for his scientific research, once in the category of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, for engineering a cost-efficient multi-touch screen with hover-detection capabilities, and another in the category of Health & Medical Sciences, for engineering a genetics-based early disease detection mechanism to detect lethal diseases, such as cancer, before their instigation period.

For his excellence in winning second place at the ISEF, MIT awarded Ritik by naming a minor planet after him, named Ritikmal ( Furthermore, Ritik was offered a summer-time internship at both Agilent Technologies and Intel Corporation as a high school student, where he conducted research on mass spectrometry and perceptual computing (computing without the traditional mouse and keyboard setup). Ritik was also named an Intel Science Talent Search semifinalist for his research paper on improving the sensitivities of mass spectrometry machines.

Ritik was also highly active in his high school, presiding as the president of both the Speech and Debate team and the Computer Science club. Ritik was nationally ranked fourth in his form of debate, and in the top 100 in the USA’s Computer Science Olympiad. Along with all his activities, Ritik received numerous awards, including the National Merit Scholar, awarding him a scholarship to his university of choice.

At The Modern School’s Cognito, while viewing many of the projects and talking to the students, Ritik duly noted that the students at The Modern School are at a level of intelligence much higher than what he had seen back in the US, and all they need is deeper exposure to in-depth scientific experimentation. He further commented that The Modern School is one of very few schools in India taking a step in the right direction by hosting a projects fair like Cognito (and that too for the 22nd year!) and developing creativity in students’ minds.

Cognito Fest

Chief guest Prof. M.K. Mishra (V.C Lucknow university) and Dr. Nityanand

Lighting of the lamp

Children exhibiting their projects

Future innovators

Dr. Nityanand in discussion with the students

More projects...

Our director, Mr. Rakesh Kapoor interracting with children

The whole school actively participated in the fest

Elaborate exhibits and presentations made Cognito a grand affair


ON 8th November 2009, THE MODERN SCHOOL ALIGANJ organized “THE 21ST ANNUAL PROJECTS FAIR” at its event “COGNITO” held at its premises.

The event was presided by MR. (PROF) M.K MISHRA, Vice Chancellor of Lucknow University as the Chief Guest along with former chairman of the school’s advisory council, Dr. Nityanand. This year’s objective was revealed by the founder manager and principal Mr. Rakesh Kapoor , to be the development of analytical mind which excels in problem solving and to instill a scientific temperament within each student. Over 150 projects were put up with 100% participation of students.

The theme of ‘Cognito’ was “THE JOY OF CREATIVITY” and all efforts made by the students had dealt with environmental problems such as’ pollution’, to more social evils as ‘child marriage’ and dowry. Exhibits Included charts, miniature models, and handouts. Also the level of innovation was taken a step further by students who also had PowerPoint presentations, life like models and even interactive sessions as puppet shows and skits to present solution to problems and draw a vivid picture to the audiences. On the more scientific front, chemical analysis of soil and biochemical functioning of plants had also been a part of the numerous impressive exhibits.

The students interacted with the parents as well as the guests on the projects made by them. Prof. M K Mishra was delighted by the creativity of the students, the projects that caught his attention were: working model of a Fire Alarm, working model of a Galilean Telescope, and Clinometer. All models were made by the students from scratch. In keeping up with the latest technology students made a presentation on Swine flu and the project titled Call of Tomorrow: A futuristic eco-friendly car, which recently won a national level award.

The event was applauded by all and certainly helped students create more awareness about our surroundings among the audiences using their exemplary innovation and their creativity of mind. All in all it was a day to be cherished and be proud of for the students, teachers, parents and the management of The Modern School.

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