Debate Competition for Grade VI to VIII

For good ideas and true innovation, you need human interaction, conflict, argument, debate.
-Margaret Haffernan

The atmosphere of Vidyatree Modern World College on April 7, 2017 was all warmed up as the Middle School prepared for a healthy ‘DEBATE COMPETITION’. The topic for debate competition was ‘100% attendance is compulsory to score good marks.’ The event witnessed by the staff and students who not only applauded students for bringing forth exceptional points but also for their courage to participate. The audience also developed their listening skills which would help them further in their lives.

The participants from all the houses were enthusiastic. The participants were as follows:

Gita House : Nilasha Pandey (Grade VIII Red) & Parth Tiwari (Grade VII Blue)

Socrates House : Harshit Shukla (Grade VII Red) & Tayyab Bhadrudja (Grade VIII)

Vivekanand House : Chirag Dubey (Grade VII Red) & Aradhya Srivastava (Grade VII Red)

Krishnamurti House : Naveel Rizvi (GradeVI Blue) & Shambavi Dwivedi (Grade VII Blue)

This Debate helped the students in building the skills of researching, organizing and presentation. It increased learners’ confidence, self esteem. It also improved the higher order and critical thinking skills. Debate encourages the speaking and listening skills of a student to be developed.

It took judges a tough time to decide that who stands first in the competition so finally after a discussion and decision was taken and the results were out.

Gita House students won the competition and a little behind them were Krishnamurti House. Third position was held by Vivekanand House and the last but never the least was Socrates House.

Middle School Sharpens Their Public Speaking Skills at Turn Coat Competition

Inter-house Turn Coat Competition was conducted for the Middle School students on 22nd Jan’16. Best four debaters were selected from each house.The topic was given to the students on the spot and they were given five minutes to prepare for their topic. They had to speak one minute for the motion and one minute against the motion. Each student’s performance was exemplary. Even the judges striven hard to decide the final result.
The performances on the stage motivated the students in the audience to take part in such competitions. The competition led to the enhancement of thinking, communication, self-management skills and dialectical thought in children.   The competition successfully enthused a spirit of confident public speaking and expression of the views of the youth on certain topics like :Do school uniforms make school a more effective place to lear, Every home should have a pet, Should internet be banned from schools, Should plastic bags be banned, Is it unethical to eat meat, Should students be allowed to use cellphones and laptops during school..,etc The competition came out to be a great success. Diksha Singh of VII Blue bagged I positiion, Aditi Chauhan of VI Blue, II position  and Anshika Jain of VIII Red, III position.