Socrates House lifts the trophy, India awaits..

Victorious team with teachers

It’s the day that everyone was waiting so eagerly, everyone wanted to see team which Team will lift the title of Senior Inter house cricket tournament. It’s the big finals. The match was between the underdogs Socrates team and the hot favorites Krishnamurti team.  The crowed was very excited and they were cheering for their respective teams.

Today again the Socrates team’s captain Jaish Bahadur won the toss and decided to test the strong batting lineup of Krishnamurti team led by Aviral Singh. Everyone was expecting a high scoring game and a fiery start from batting side as they demolished the bowling attack of Gita team in previous match. But it’s the big match and the pressure of finals let down the batting side as their strong batting lineup fell very quickly in search of some quick runs. They set the target of only 22 runs. Once the target was so small, it was just a formality to finish the match. Socrates team didn’t take any risk; they assess the condition and played very patiently. In the end, Socrates team chased down the target without losing any wicket. Adarsh was declared as MoM for giving early damage to the opponent (took two wickets and a catch).

In the other match between Gita and Vivekananda team for third place, the later beats the former comfortably. Aryan Raj was the star of the match.

This tournament teaches us (learners) to have faith in ourselves, believe in your positives and work on your negatives; never let others to decide who you are. Never lose your temperament, stay mindful in every situation and you will definitely win, even if you are considered as Underdogs.

Socrates and Krishnamurti house enter finals of Senior Inter House Cricket Tourney

“Development of Physical, Mental and Emotional health of child is need of an hour” To develop all these skills, nothing could be better than Playground. Keeping this in view, today our school organized an inter-house cricket match.

In the first match, the red giants Vivekananda team takes on the spicy green Socrates team. Vivekanand’s team captain Vitish Manna won the toss and elected to bat first. As favorites, they started well but struggled in the middle overs due to consistent wicket loss and managed to put only 56 runs on the board. Socrates team’s start was shaky as they lost wickets upfront but they shown temperament and won the match comfortably at the end. Deepak Jaswani awarded MoM for his steady batting, one run out and two wickets.

In the second match, shining yellow Gita team were against cool blue Krishnamurti team. Captain Aviral Singh of Krishnamurti team won the toss and invited Gita team to bat first. Gita team didn’t started well as they looked clueless against the strong bowling lineup of krishnamurti team. But with the help of decent contributions of Siddhant, Nomaan and Shresth they set the target of 73 runs. In return Krishnamurti replied strongly and with the firepower of Aviral(39* runs) and Deepansh(27*runs) they finished the match in just 6 overs. Deepansh was declared MoM for his blistering knock and two wickets.

Seven reasons why VMWC is the best at creating capacities for lifelong success

Following are seven primary reasons why VMWC is the best when it comes to creating capacities among students to give them lifelong success at work and personal life.

1. Systematic development of innovation, creativity
and thinking skills

Innovation, creativity and thinking skills are important skills for success in life. At VMWC, development of the same are ingrained in the curriculum and teaching methods:

  • Cognito: Bi-Annual Fair on Innovation and Creativity
  • Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) Program
  • Inquiry method in IB PYP
  • Fear-free and stress-free enviroment

In 2015, the VMWC team stood fourth in the city-wide inter school competition to present original projects for environment sustainability. All reputed schools of the city participate in it.

The VMWC team stood first in the 2016 state-wide edition of the same competition, with 100+ reputed schools of the city and the state participating. Thus validating the superiority of VMWC students in innovation, creativity and thinking skills.

VMWC team, #1 in UP, presenting their project to the CM
VMWC team, #1 in UP, presenting their project to the CM
Cognito: Bi-Annual Creativity & Innovation Fair

2. Best preparation for university admissions

With cut offs to the best of colleges and universities being as high as 100%, our children have to be taught to aim for the highest. The school does exactly this by enabling children to score 100% through the special Centurion program and the Advanced Level Centurion Tests.

Also, to help and guide children to have the capacity for admission into good colleges and succeed in competitions, VMWC has engaged one of the best career guidance and counselling service in the country.

3. Meditation and yoga is part of the curriculum

In leading schools of India and the world, meditation and re?ection is an important part of the curriculum. VMWC was the ?rst school in Lucknow to introduce this critical life skill, since 1979 – summarized in the school’s motto ‘Know Thyself’ and the daily morning prayer.

Meditation and Yoga make children improve in life and work skills like: concentration, self-discipline, creativity, sincerity, emotional intelligence. Yoga improves physical ?tness, endurance and ?exibility.

4. First and only school to run IB PYP - best 3 to 11 years curriculum in the world

VMWC implements the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program in Grades Nursery to Fifth, which is the best curriculum in the world to make children future ready. Each child is enabled to have the maximum  possible development in the most critical period of life: 3 years to 11 years.

The program aims to develop in each child the attributes of the IB PYP Learner Profile and important life skills: thinking skills, research skills, communication skills, social skills and self-management skills.

The International   Baccalaureate (IB) was founded in 1968 at Geneva, Switzerland. Schools which maintain the highest of standards prescribed by IB, and are evaluated regularly, become IB World Schools.

The PYP Curriculum develops each IB PYP student as per the IB PYP Learner Profile
There are more than 4300+ IB World Schools worldwide, including 130+ of the best schools in India, like:
  • The Doon School, Dehradun
  • Kodaikanal International School
Delhi NCR
  • The Shri Ram School
  • Pathways World School
  • Scottish High International School
  • The British School
  • Sarala Birla Academy
  • Bangalore International School
  • The International School Bangalore
  • Ecole Mondiale World School
  • American School of Bombay
  • Dhirubhai Ambani International School
  • Cathedral and John Connon School
  • Aditya Birla World Academy
  • The Aga Khan Academy
  • Oakridge International School
  • Mahindra United World College
  • Symbiosis International School
  • Mercedes-Benz International School
  • Vidyatree Modern World College

5. Leading Visual Arts Program in the City

VMWC has the leading Visual Arts Program of Lucknow. Right from Grade Nur to Grade XII, visual arts is a part of the curriculum, developing capacities of expression, thinking, communication, motor skills, concentration and persistence.

6. Leading Basketball Centre in the city

The VMWC basketball centre has children of all ages developing sportsmanship, courage, teamwork, persistence, thinking and resilience. The centre has also been one of only two Jr. NBA centres in the city. Teams from all over the city regularly practice and participate in tournaments at the VMWC center. Many students have been part of district & state teams.

7. Leading Dramatics Centre of Lucknow

The VMWC Dramatics program teaches students numerous important life skills, like: self-con?dence, social and emotional intelligence, creativity, problem solving, patience, concentration, verbal and non-verbal communication, teamwork, courage, authenticity and integrity. The program is lead by a celebrated teacher.

Trip to Mashobra : Unforgettable memories for a Lifetime

It was a wonderful experience for the group of fifty two students from grade V-XII and five staff members including the Principal Ms. Meena Kane, Mrs. Sunita Pant, Ms. Triptee Srivastava, Ms. Rashi Karnatak and Mr. Rajneesh Trivedi to attend a three day adventure camp at Mashobra (H.P.). The perfect blend of the picturesque beauty and electrifying adventure sport activities charged all the campers with energy and joy. Such activities give the students an opportunity to display and enhance their social skills and skill of self-management. Overcoming fear and apprehensions, they performed various activities and displayed their courageous attribute. The way senior students took the lead and took care of their junior campers was exemplary. The group came back rejuvenated and ready to lever the tasks for the session.

This is how some campers summed their experience:

Fire in the mountain- run, run, run!  

Ayushi Sinha

One journey I’ll never forget!

 Shivang Batham

One of my best experiences!

 Megha Jain

An epic journey to the Elysium..

 Dhanur Dravid

Yummy yum food!

Ayush Pal

Amazing adventurous activities and Surprises of nature.….

 Aleem Iqbal

The train journey was nothing like before… ..

Muskan Rastogi

A lot of masti….missing it!

Vibhav Bagga

It’s amazing to be so close to nature…                                    

Disha Verma

Middle School Sports Day

The day of 67th Republic Day was celebrated as the Sports Day of Middle School in VMWC. The excitement and zeal was clearly visible in the actions of the students. The event was hosted by the students of middle school-Anshika Jain (VIII RED) and Ansh Agarwal (VII RED). There were various races which had active participation of the students from all the four teams (Vivekananda, Krishnamurti, Socrates and Gita). The day started by the Flag Hoisting by Principal Ma’am followed by her speech. The sports teacher Mr. Rajneesh was the centre of attraction for everybody as according to his instructions everybody was performing with complete adherence to rules. There were many races both for boys and girls and boys and girls separately. Like there were 80m &100m sprint race, Relay Race for both boys and girls, Lemon and spoon race for girls, Sack race for Boys, Three Legged race for both boys and girls, last but not the least Slow Cycling Race. Everywhere in the environment there was excitement created by the cheer ups done by respective teams. There was lot in store for the students apart from races. The day saw students very enthusiastic for the win in the various rounds of Tug of War. There was a exciting Kabbadi match between both the sections of grade VIII. The day was full of learning for students and they displayed their Social Skills and Self Management Skills very aptly. The day ended with the Medal & Certificate distribution ceremony in which the winners of various races were awarded by Principal Ma’am.The day was full of happiness and ecstasy and had left students and teachers with innumerable cherished memories.


Sack Race











Vidyatree modernites fondly celebrate 67th Republic Day

The students and staff of Vidyatree Modern World College celebrated 67th Republic Day with great fervour. The program started with unfurling of the Tricolour followed by national song. The ambience filled with love and respect for our Nation with patriotic songs sung by the school choir.

The principal of the school, Ms. Meena Kane addressed the students and told them not to merely celebrate this day as a ritual, but to understand the true meaning of each term that is associated with the Republic Day, our flag and our Nation. She motivated them to contribute in the progress of India with continuous efforts without any halt to make India proud as it is signified by Ashoka Chakra in our National Flag.

Many sports events comprising of various races like sprint race, relay race, three leg race, lemon and spoon race and slow cycling race were conducted and that concluded the two days Sports festival for the classes VI to VIII. The medals were given to the winners immediately after the event.

Young Basketball lovers gather at VMWC for Junior NBA Elite Training Camp


VMWC hosted Junior NBA elite training event on 20th and 21st November, 2015 for U-10, U-13 and U-16 basketball players all across Lucknow. Two experienced International player deputed as Head Coach of Junior NBA, Mr. Heshimu Evans and Assistant Coach Mr. Julio, who came all the way from USA and Portugal, respectively, trained the players for two days and gave tips for better game strategy. It was a wonderful experience for the basketball aspirants. The coaches appreciated the school’s participation in nurturing basketball.

Vidyatree Modernites excel in NBA-JAM 2015

Ansh Kumar X Shreyas Singh IVShreyas Singh Rajkumar of grade IV, Vidyatree Modern World College, secured first position in the  Hot Shot Contest conducted by Junior National Basketball Association held on 18.12.15. He impressed all by hitting 25 hot shots from five different positions.

Ansh Kumar of grade X, Vidyatree Modern World College, stood second runner up in Under-16 group B Hot Shot Contest conducted by Junior National Basketball Association held on 18.12.15.

Little Yogis

Little yogis love sitting in meditation instead of taking savasana (relaxation) at the end of class.