5 Students selected for Nationals

When you are stress-free you do wonders wherever you go.

Bringing laurels to the school five students from Vidyatree Modern got selected for Nationals in 65th Sate Basketball Championship which was held in Azamgarh UP.

Anushka Singh and Zaid Khan got selected for under 17 team where as Akshat Mishra, Shreyas Singh and Soumya Singh got selected for under 14 Nationals.

Vidyatree Champs !!

Lucknow District Basketball League, Vidyatree Girls team beat Manipal School girls team oon 21 August, 2017. The final score of the match was 11-02.

VMWC Girls Team with Manipal School Girls Team

2 students got selected in Hindustan University, Chennai


TWO students Vidyatree Modernites got placed at Hindustan Institute of Technology and Science (HITS). This demonstrates the habit of academic excellence developed among students in the school.



Ques. What is the reason for your success? How has the school helped you to grow?


 The reason to my success are the 4 mission statements of the school i.e.
a) Discipline without fear.
b) Excellence without stress.
c) Caring without condition.
d) Learning without cramming.
And the mission of the school ” EDUCATION FOR LIFE”.
The school has helped me to grow in 5 vital skills that are ways for future growth and fundamentals for life i.e.
a) Social Skills- The social skills by the school has helped me to be a social person than someone who is totally within himself.
b) Research Skills- The Research Skills has helped me to improve my research abilities as I have started to do more of research than asking from others about my queries. I do spend more of my time on internet doing research on topics.
c) Self- Management Skills- The self- management skills have helped me become disciplined and more punctual in my life.
d) Communication Skills- The communication skills helped me communicating with new people in life.
e) Thinking Skills- The thinking skills has made me an inquirer more than a person who is shy of asking questions.


The reason for my success is not just academic excellence that the school provided me but my success can also be credited towards the approach of the school towards me.The school provided me many attributes that helped in my overall development and by which I was able to judge myself.The school not only nurtured me in academics but also shaped me as a self-sufficient, disciplined, well mannered human being which I am sure will definitely contribute towards my future growth.

Ques. Tips / messages to your juniors?


Although I am still not mature enough to share any tip but certainly will advise my juniors to ‘HAVE FAITH IN YOURSELF, YOUR GURUS AND YOUR SCHOOL”.  They will grow you and take you to your highest level.


I would like to suggest to my juniors to be well focused towards their dream. I have often heard “DREAMS NEVER COMES TRUE”  but at VMWC, I strongly believe “YOU SEE DREAMS, BELIEVE IN YOUR SELF & IT WILL DEFINITELY COMES TRUE”.  The school would always stand beside them in an unconditional way to help them excel in life.

Ques. How have the meditation and mindfulness sessions at school, conducted by Kapoor Sir, founder of the school, helped you in your success?


The meditation and mindfulness sessions at school, conducted by Kapoor Sir, founder of the school, helped me in my success as the meditation always relaxed my stressful mind. The meditation has always helped me when ever my mind was totally messed and distressed with the topics of studies and I wanted to be alone meditation always helped me in relaxing my mind.


The meditation and mindfulness sessions at the school, conducted by our respectful and dearest Founder Sir, helped me focus on my goal and work in the right direction.Each session unknowingly but at this point of time I realized was a step towards my goal.The meditation helped me in relaxing my mind and helped me to relive myself of any other distracted burden. Sir’s, lesson i.e.,”CHANGE IN LIFE” would be highly useful at this milestone of my life and would surely help me adapt towards situation in my life.

Ques. What are your plans now? (career related)


 I am about to pursue my B.Tech studies in Aeronautical Engineering from one of most prestigious institution Hindustan University- Chennai. After completing my B-Tech I planned to go for CPL(Commercial Pilot Licence) course and serve for the nation.


My plans for now are not so special rather to be focused on my goal to excel in life and make my school proud of my endeavors.

4 Vidyatree Modernites clear NEET 2017

Akansha Singh

FOUR students Vidyatree Modernites out of a class of 50 cracked the NEET EXAMS in their first attempt. This demonstrates the habit of academic excellence developed among students in the school.

Ques. What is the reason for your success? How has the school helped you to grow?

Siddhant Mehrotra : Main reason for my success is the regularity and punctuality in my studies and to school.VMWC has always helped me by providing a stress free and healthy enviornment which made my science studies more intresting and innovative.Regular physical exercises like jogging and P.T kept me at infinite distance from diseases.

My very special thanks goes to my parents and my Biology subject teacher Ms.Sunita Pant who have constantly motivated me to my best hopes and as a result I kept  positive attitude towards my carrier whatever the situation may be .I want to also thank Ms.Rakhi Saxena ,my Chemistry subject teacher whose lectures and notes helped me alot in quick revision of organic and inorganic part which would otherwise  have been very hectic and boring.Notes given by sunita ma’am were also outstanding ,which included some matter from NCERT books also, which greatly helped me in NEET.
I use to study in a planned way around 3-4 hours a day .For entertainment I use to watch funny videos on youtube on my laptop and I  prefer to watch cartoon series  and comedy programs which are far better than movies and TV serials.

Akansha Singh : I owe my success to my mother, my supportive teacher Sunita Pant ma’am without her it was impossible to be here, my friends, my principal and the whole VMWC team.

Neet was not at all an easy job, but when you work in  a planned way things become better. After boards I got 1 month  for preparation  so  I  focused on zoology and Botany read all the  chapter again and again so 90 questions were prepared like this then I focused on few important  chapters of physics and chemistry.

It has been always glorious to be the part of this school. The teaching of “Education for life” always helped me in each and every step whether it be portfolio making, cv building, interacting with different colleges through workshops and career sessions conducted  by Founder Sir.

Tanushree Palit : Firstly I would like to thanks my founder sir and all teachers who support me every time.In my success,they help a lot and their guidance was truely helpful.

Megha Jain : Qualifying NEET exam is not easy you need to work hard and be punctual in studies.The reason for my success is hard work and regular self study for 3 to 4 hours.

The school has helped me to grow as it provided me stress free environment and well trained teachers.The school taught me to learn without cramming.

Ques. Tips / messages to your juniors?

Siddhant Mehrotra : I would like to suggest rather advice my juniors that its better to pursue your dream carrier and start short listing various universities and their cuttoff. Comprehending the basic concept is more inportant than to solve large number of questions.My special advive to all medical aspirants is that study Biology very carefully and go through each and every line of NCERT.


Akansha Singh : Message to  my juniors decide now only your field of interest and college you want to join  check all the eligibility criteria, cut off and work smartly for that. All the very best!!!

Tanushree Palit : I want to tell my juniors that keep working hard and acheive your goal in your life.Listen and follow theirs teacher,parents and elders which help them to acheive their success.

Megha JainJust one message to juniors be focussed and determined to your goal.

Megha Jain

Ques. How have the meditation and mindfulness sessions at school, conducted by Kapoor Sir, founder of the school, helped you in your success?

Siddhant Mehrotra : I use to be very excited for our meditation and carrier counselling sessions innitiated by our founder ,Kapoor sir which aided me by being stress free and calm which enhanced not only my understanding power but also my learning capacity.He always use to focus on learning without cramming which had resulted in generation of a cram free learning process and blessed us with quality education.Our principal Meena ma’am had always kept care that we could get best facilities in our school.

Akansha Singh : Meditation is the only medicine when you lack ‘focus’ and ‘will’, school always encourages students towards yoga with the help of yoga sessions.

Tanushree Palit : Our founder Mr. Kapoor sir guided us with daily meditation and yoga classes which is gratly benefitted to me.His discipline is required for making  our future brighter.Once again I would like to thanks Mr.Kapoor sir, our principal Ms.Meena ma’am and institutions for my success.

Megha Jain : The mindfulness sessions conducted by Kapoor sir helped me to focus on one thing at a time because of which I could recognize my weak points and mistakes.This helped me alot in studies.The sessions made me stress free and calm which made my understanding power better.

Ques. What are your plans now? (career related)

Siddhant Jain : My dream is to join  King George Medical College,and for that I need to work more hard and score more better marks .It is my dream to be a doctor and serve needy people to eliminate glomminess of pain from society.

Akansha Singh : I am now aiming to join “Armed Force Medical College” and serve as an army doctor to our Indian army.

Tanushree Palit : I want to become a doctor  which is my career goal.

Megha JainMy dream is to become to successful doctor and help needy people for which I need to get admission into a good medical college.So,I am doing preparations again for the exam for which I have joined coaching.Now my focus is on doing much more hard work so that I can score good and get admission into a good medical college.

Tanushree Palit
Siddhant Mehrotra

Excellent Results 2016-17

Ajeet Kumar Verma
Suryansh Singh
Ayush Katiyar
Yashi Sahu
Ishika Agarwal


ICSE Grade X Results Highlight

Total Students appeared : 56 students

  • 40% children scored 90% and above aggregate.
  • 50 children scored 70% and above aggregate.
  • Highest score 97.2% achieved by Ajeet Kumar Verma
  • Second highest score 95.8% achieved by Suryansh Singh

 ISC Grade XII Results Highlight

Science Stream

Total Students appeared : 51

  • 9 children scored 90% and above aggregate.
  • 31 children scored 70% and above aggregate.
  • Highest score 97.25% achieved by Ayush Katiyar
  • Second highest 94.25% achieved by Yashi Sahu

Commerce Stream

Total students appeared : 51

  • 3 children scored 90% and above aggregate.
  • 22 children scored 70%and above aggregate.
  • Highest score 94.75% achieved by Ishika Agarwal
  • Second highest score 90.75% achieved by Madhuresh Sharma


3 out of 10 Vidyatree Modernites crack NIFT exam in first attempt

Kriti Srivastava

Three students Vidyatree Modernites cracked the NIFT Mains in their first attempt. This demonstrates the habit of excellence in creativity  developed among students in the school.

Debsmita Dey : is a VIDYATREE MODERNITE from grade Prep

Kriti Srivastava : is a VIDYATREE MODERNITE from grade Nursery

Dhanur Dravid Singh : is a VIDYATREE MODERNITE from grade Nursery

Ques. What was your preparation routine?

Debsmita Dey : I gave a small portion of my time say 1 hour or 2  to my nift preparation, daily. I noted down the portion I have to study the next day,the night before,to avoid time killing.I used to check for nift previous year papers

   I  read newspaper for the knowledge of current affairs,.  I used to check for creative items in google and all these helped me to crack nift round

Kriti SrivastavaPreparation routine was like I used to study for 5-6 hrs daily rather than waiting for the last day. I focused on daily self study

Dhanur Dravid Singh : I had a very simple routine..that was to give 1 hour daily…and it wasn’t specific that I had to study and prepare for a continuous one hour..I just divided that time into small fragments of 10-15 mins

Ques. What is one secret to your success?

Debsmita Dey : Some Days I didn’t had much time to spare out for NIFT but i made sure i give it even  at least half an hour on those days,,to maintain regularity.I would say regularity led me to success.

Kriti Srivastava : My one secret to success is my mentor, my guide,my teacher ,my friend-an art teacher from my very own school ,who turned to be my counseller and the best mentor .She is none other than-Mrs ALKA BAGGA (Maam).Thankyou so much maam.

Dhanur Dravid Singh : My one secret to success is Mrs.Alka Bagga ma’am……the only way I have qualified this is because of her..

Dhanur Dravid Singh

Ques. How has the school helped you to grow? How did school help to develop your creative instinct?

Debsmita Dey : Any amount of praises to the school would be less.School has been very supportive,School has always encouraged me to do different.The school believed in me and gave me various opportunities and platforms to prove myself .

  The school never posed a burden on me which helped me to excel.I  took part in various art competitions ,which the school brought me  the opportunities , helped me to develop my creative instinct and special thanks to my art teacher Mrs.Alka Bagga ma’am,who always believed in me and pushed me.I am very thankful to my school for my  success.

Kriti Srivastava : School played the main role in my success as it focused on learning without cramming and not mugging up .school helped in developing my creative instinct as  many counselling workshops took place in my school which made me aware of my creative ability and interests (especially the pearl academy workshop)

Dhanur Dravid Singh : The school played a very important role. Firstly me selecting the field of design as my career.

Great thanks to our principal, Meena ma’am and our founder sir, Mr.Rakesh Kapoor Sir for letting me know that there are fields other than the Orthodox ones and are going to be more profitable in the near future.

And lastly Mrs.Alka Bagga ma’am helped us the most ……she has worked harder than us to make us shine.

Ques. How are you preparing for NIFT Counseling?

Debsmita Dey :  In nift counseling,usually the candidates are allotted nift campuses as per their merits,so basically i am  focussing on my spoken English ,to cast a good impression .I read newspaper for this.

Kriti Srivastava : I am preparing for nift counselling by searching on internet and watching various videos of alumni of nift and getting more and more information about rankings and previous years campus placements and selection.

Dhanur Dravid Singh : I’m basically shortlisting the campuses where I can learn the most and have the greatest exposure possible.

Debsmita Dey

6 Vidyatree Modernites crack IIT-JEE Mains in first attempt

Six students Vidyatree Modernites cracked the IIT-JEE Mains in their first attempt. This demonstrates the habit of academic excellence developed among students in the school. The students were felicitated on the Prize Day with Excellence Medals and Certificates and were showered with blessings by their teachers and the school Principal.

Jayesh Gaur : is a VIDYATREE MODERNITE from grade KG

Yashi Sahu : is a VIDYATREE MODERNITE from grade II

Apurv Rajput : is a VIDYATREE MODERNITE from grade V

Ayush Katiyar : is a VIDYATREE MODERNITE from Nursery

Amal Narayan : is a VIDYATREE MODERNITE from grade I

Anushka Prakash : is a VIDYATREE MODERNITE from Nursery

Ques. What was your preparation routine?

Jayesh Gaur : Preparing for an exam like IIT-JEE required a clear strategy, a plan that is followed on daily basis. I was focused on devoting atleast 10 hours a week specifically for IIT-JEE, whatever the situation maybe. Gradually I increased the number of hours and was focused on solving more and more questions each week and whenever I was stuck, I asked my teachers. Following the plan on weekly basis was essential.

Yashi Sahu : I gave most of my time to self study and coaching. I practiced from last year’s JEE Mains papers. I studied 8-9 hours daily and watched some funny youtube videos to relax my mind.

Apurv Rajput : My preparation routine to regularly study for a fixed period of time every day. The focus was understanding the depth of the concept and its several applications. Extra curricular were also taken care of to fight the anxiety of exams and to be active. Regular sleep was also taken of 7 hours.

Ayush Katiyar : Studying 1-2 hours then seening youtube for recreation. Studying late night and getting up late in the morning.

Amal Narayan : I studied for about 3-4 hours (self study) beside my studies in school and coaching. I created a balance between the study of IIT-JEE and boards by creating a bridge between the syllabus of the two. According to me, we don’t need to self study everything from beginning, all we have to do is to just connect the studies and knowledge we gathered from our school.

Anushka Prakash :  I maintain constant routine of basic learning and solving old question papers and solving mock tests.

Ques. What is one secret to your success?

Jayesh Gaur : No secret but regular practice and a strategy to succeed was only required.

Yashi Sahu : One secret to my success is having a balanced routine. The most important thing is to make a proper balance between school hours, self study and enjoyment.

Apurv Rajput : The continuous support of my mother, which helped to battle the stress and negativity, was the secret to my success.

Ayush Katiyar : Secret to my success is thinking a bit diffrently.

Amal Narayn : One thing that I think might be the secret to my success is the determination and more important from hardwork is smartwork. Because on the level of preparation for JEE, the main thing that will help is smart work and having an attitude to crack JEE.

Anushka Prakash : My secret to success was constant hard work and dedication towards my studies.

Ques. How has the school helped you to grow?

Jayesh Gaur : School has provided me with ample of opportunities that has helped me evolve as an individual. My speaking skills, traits of questioning each and every aspect of a topic were instilled and nurtured in me by school throughout my journey of education. I have not words enough to express my gratitude.

Yashi Sahu : Unlike other schools, there was no pressure on us for academic performance in Class XII. This one thing helped me a lot to focus both on JEE and Boards.

Apurv Rajput : The school has helped me in several ways. It has provided me a fear free environment to engage  my curiosity with science. Mentorship from caring teachers was equally important in fostering a creative and inquistive mind.

Ayush Katiyar : The school has helped me by making me creative which is very necessary quality today.

Amal Narayan : The school has helped me in ample of ways to grow. The school had developed the quality of self confidence and determination in me and the main thing my school taught me was how to face the setbacks courageously and work hard to overcome it.

Anushka Prakash : School has taught me the basics to grow up and I am blessed to have such a good and trained faculty which has trained me to grow higher .

Ques. How are you preparing for the IIT-JEE Advanced?

Jayesh Gaur : Solving myriad of questions daily of high quality to freshen up the concepts. Focusing on various concepts simultaneously and regular practice. Nowadays, studying 6 hours theory and at least 7 hours of questions solving is a must.

Yashi Sahu : Syllabus of JEE Advanced and JEE Mains is same. Therefore I am going through the whole syllabus again and doing last year’s advance papers.

Apurv Rajput : For the preparation of JEE-Advnced solving old test papers is very critical. Understanding the concepts clearly and rather than cramming up will help me.

Ayush Katiyar : I am preparing for advance by solving a lot of JEE Advanced question papers and solving in given time and open book and preparing some semi weak topics.

Amal Narayan : I am preparing for JEE Advanced by joining the test series for Advanced and solving questions from books of various authors and also by revising the notes. 

Anushka Prakash : As I’ve cleared mains so I have to do much more hard work and give my full dedication towards clearing IIT JEE advance for this it is very necessary to constantly solve questions of advance level.

Ques. Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?

Jayesh Gaur : I see myself as the owner of a web based organisation that aims at joining people from different walks of life. Also, if I got the opportunity to be part of India’s representative system, then I would love to introduce reforms in India’s educational system.

Yashi Sahu : Ten years from now I see myself as a successful entrepreneur or a professor in a college.

Apurv Rajput : I see myself as an independent physicist and an educator, helping students to achieve their full potential.

Ayush Katiyar : 10 years hence, I want to be a programmer or some physicist.

Amal Narayan : After 10 years I would like to see myself in Google, as since my childhood Google was my dream, now to work with Google is my aim and I would definitely want to serve my knowledge and dedicate my life to Google.

Anushka PrakashI see myself as a successful person with a good reputation and designation.

EXPRESSIONS 2016: Art Show and Fundraiser

The Annual Art Show provides a platform to the creative geniuses of our school, and at the same time gives an opportunity to the students to give back to society.

The school organised EXPRESSIONS, the annual Art Show and Fundraiser at Lalit Kala Academy, Aliganj. The chief guest for the event was Mrs. Aashrita Dass, Vice Principal and officiating Principal, La Martiniere Girls’ College, Lucknow, an eminent educationist, instructional leader and administrator par excellence. She inaugurated the event on 9 December, 2016 at 4 pm.

The Chief Guest and all guests to the event were awestruck with the creativity and genius of the young artists of the school. She praised the skill and imagination of the school’s artistic students and the school’s Visual Arts Program. Mrs. Dass blessed the children and encouraged them to keep up their skill and the spirit of charity with which the event was organized.

The students artists.
The Chief Guest Mrs. Aashrita Dass, Vice Principal and Officiating Principal, La Martiniere Girls' College, giving away certificates to the 90 student artists whose paintings are part of the exhibition.

The Annual Art Show provides a platform to the creative geniuses of our school, and at the same time gives an opportunity to the students to give back to society. A small portion of the funds raised by the sale of the paintings shall go to the student artists to encourage them, and the remaining shall be given away for charity. The students hope to raise and donate more than what they did from last year’s Art Show – Rs. 1,70,000/- in aid of the Nepal Earthquake Relief.

Around 140 paintings were shortlisted for the exhibition, made by our 90 students, right from the IB PYP Pre-primary to Grade 12. All the 90 artists were given a certificate of recognition, in the presence of their parents who beamed with pride.

The young artists of our Early Years, Viraj, Arij, Samyukta, Nabeel, Sarvakshara, Mouly, Aroha, contributed to the collection of finger paintings, ‘Expressing with Fingers’. Some of the other noteworthy paintings were ‘Towards Enlightenment: Buddha’ by Ramyata of Class XI, ‘A treat on canvas’ by Indira of Grade IV,  ‘A Lady in Blue’ by Suprita Mishra of Grade VI, ‘A Lady with a Hat’ by Astha of Grade XI, ‘Radha Krishna Madhubani’ by Aliza of Grade VI, and ‘Measure of Happiness’ by Namra of Grade XII.

Prize day at VMWC

“Art is as natural as sunshine and as vital as nourishment”. – Mary Ann Kohl

Our last week’s Friday assembly was special as the students of grade 1, grade 2 and grade 3 were eagerly waiting to know the results of drawing and colouring competitions held on the occasion of Independence Day. The winners  were awarded with the certificates for their excellence. All the students were appreciated for their efforts and participation  as they proved that they not only excel in academics but also shine in exhibiting their skills by their creative presentations.

“Prizes are encouragements for the winner to attain perfection”.  – Theodore Roosevelt

Winners from each grade were announced and the prize distribution was done by our PYP coordinator, Ms. Shalini Fate. She congratulated the winners and also appreciated the rest of the participants for their efforts and encouraged them to participate enthusiastically in forthcoming competitions

Shikta Chaturvedi of grade 3 red who won the first prize for her creative drawing and colouring on the theme ‘Go Green’ said ,” I am very happy to get  this certificate and next time I will practice and participate with more enthusiasm and will do my best.”

Students of IX and XI Were Felicitated for Academic Session 2015-16

The inherent skills of students of class IX and XI were appreciated on 25th March 2016.

The event started with prayer service. The principal, Ms. Meena Kane addressed the assembly and explained the significance of chanting ‘Ohm’ and meaning of shloka ‘Asato ma sadgamay..’. It was followed by the guidelines for the successful studies for the coming session by the teachers teaching senior section. Ms. Saroj Rai explained them the significance of self-study and asked them to refrain from joining coaching classes which consume their time and energy and provide no significant improvement. Whereas Ms. Sunita Pant emphasised on regularity and punctuality in coming to school, Ms. Vineeta Kachroo told the students to be regular in doing their home assignments with help of mobile app Vidyatree connectEd. The students of IX and XI were invited with their parents and awarded with certificates for the skills and attitudes they displayed in the academic session 2015-16. They were also handed over the mark sheets. The students left the school with aspirations and enthusiasm for the new session ahead.

Young innovators are rewarded by Vidyatree Modern Alumni Association

Vidyatree Modern world College organized its annual creativity Fair ‘Cognito’ on 13th December, 2015 on the theme of ‘Smart City’. The students displayed models of their vision of the smart city with innovative ideas. The alumni association of the school, VMAA, took an active part and motivated students to think and come up with ideas that can be practically implemented to make Lucknow a Smart City. Out of many worthy projects three were conferred with cash awards.

Two projects in the senior category ; ‘Earthquake Early Alarming System’ by Geeta team and ‘Air Purification through Suction’ by Vivekanand team shared a cash prize of Rs.20,000 and the project ‘Waist to compost’ by Socrates team in junior category won a cash prize of Rs. 10,000. President of VMAA, Mr. Brijesh Saxena presented the trophies and awards to the team members.

Vidyatree Modernites excel in NBA-JAM 2015

Ansh Kumar X Shreyas Singh IVShreyas Singh Rajkumar of grade IV, Vidyatree Modern World College, secured first position in the  Hot Shot Contest conducted by Junior National Basketball Association held on 18.12.15. He impressed all by hitting 25 hot shots from five different positions.

Ansh Kumar of grade X, Vidyatree Modern World College, stood second runner up in Under-16 group B Hot Shot Contest conducted by Junior National Basketball Association held on 18.12.15.

Art Show & Fundraiser

Art Show & Fundraiser

The Arts Department and students of Vidyatree Modern World College, Aliganj, organised an Art Show in aid of Nepal Earthquake Victims, at Lalit Kala Akademi, from 8 to 10 May.
The Art Show is the outcome of the school’s world class Arts Curriculum and hard work put in by the students. The students and the management collectively decided to contribute all profits from the sale of the paintings to victims of the recent Nepal Earthquake.
The Art Show had 80+ paintings on exhibit and sale. Paintings on exhibit, priced from Rs. 2000 to Rs. 45,000, were all by the students of the school, right from Grade Nursery to Grade 12, with many first time painters.
The show was inaugurated by Dr. Navneet Sehgal IAS, Principal Secretary Information, along with his wife Dr. Vandana Sehgal, distinguished architect and art lover.
The chief guests and other guests were awed  by the quality of the paintings coming from school students. Most people remarked that they did not expect that school students can produce such beautiful works of art.
For every painting sold 1/3rd of the proceed went to the student artist and 2/3rd went towards charity. In all the students and the school raised Rs.1,50,000 as profit.
Image on the right – coverage in Times of India.

Coverage in Hindustan Times

Including contributions by the management and teachers, the management and students gave away a draft of Rs. 1.75 Lacs to the CM for the aid of Nepal Earthquake Victims.

When Vidyatree Modernites converged the world onto one stage.. Annual Concert-2015

Vidyatree Modern World College Celebrated its 36th Annual Concert on 11th October, 2015. As the school is affiliated with IB (International Baccalaureate), one of its vision is to inspire international- mindedness. To honour diverse cultures across the globe, the theme of the program was international dance forms. Dr. Abhishek Mishra, State minister, Vocational development and Skill development U.P. graced the occasion as the Chief Guest.

On this occasion the school honoured meritorious students with scholarships. The Chief Guest of the program Dr. Abhishek Mishra motivated the students to dream big and work hard to chase it. He also told them to be a good son/daughter before aspiring any other passion. He told the parents not to ask the kids to follow their (parent’s) dream and give them the liberty to follow their own heart. He appreciated the school’s initiative to bring ‘International Baccalaureate’ to Lucknow.

The founder of the school, Mr. Rakesh Kapoor explained the parents the difference between imitation learning and real learning. He told that real learning occurs when knowledge is connected with evidences. He threw light on vision of the school to render its students an ‘Education for Life’. Director of International Education VMWC, Mr. Siddharth Kapoor presented a PowerPoint presentation showcasing the learning methodology and achievements of the school.

The program was concluded with vibrant performance of senior students on Spanish dance form ‘Flamenco’. It left the audience spell bound. The parents appreciated the efforts and energy put in each dance by the students and their mentors. Principal, Ms. Meena Kane congratulated the VMWC team for the wonderful show.

Students donate for Nepal earthquake relief

“Generosity consists not the sum given,
But the manner in which it is bestowed”

– Mahatma Gandhi

It was a very proud moment for the students and the Principal of VMWC when they handed over a sum of 1.75 lac to the Hon’ble Chief Minister Mr. Akhilesh Yadav. The amount was raised by the students by selling their exclusive pieces of fine painting. Wife of Mr. Akhilesh Yadav, Mrs. Dimple Yadav was also present on this occasion. The students with the Principal exchanged views with the couple and were thoroughly impressed with their simplicity. The Chief Minister appreciated the efforts of the students. The students presented a Painting to the couple as well. They were more than happy to have clicked selfies with them. It was a delightful experience for all.

Live Green Project

Live Green Project: Final Day
TOI’s Green Parliament where Uttar Pradesh chief minister Akhilesh Yadav interacted with students on their ideas to make Lucknow greener and cleaner.

ISC 2015 Result Highlight

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Excellent ISC 2015 Results

Total students appeared: 39 in Science; 44 in Commerce

11 students scored 90% or more aggregate percentage

99 in Maths by 3 students

100 in Computers by 1 students & 99 by 6 students

59 scores of above 90 in various subjects

50% students have scored 90+ in Computers




Somika Rastogi97.3%
Divanshu Srivastava95.0%
Jatin Srivastava93.8%
Mansi Nigam93.8%
Shubhankar Mukherjee93.8%
Anuj Pant92.3%
Mitali Srivastava92.3%
Abhishek Bansal91.0%
Samarth Bansal90.8%
Tanmay Bhatt90.0%
Radhika Shukla90.0%





Somika Rastogi100CompSomika Rastogi99Maths
Divanshu Srivastava99MathsJatin Srivastava99Maths
Mansi Nigam99CompAnuj Pant99Comp
Samarth Bansal99CompGarima Kumari99Comp
Mili Sharma99CompArjun Karunakar99Comp
Jatin Srivastava98CompAbhishek Bansal98Comp
Divanshu Srivastava97CompJaideep Singh97Comp
Nilay Chaurasia97CompRadhika Shukla96Eng
Tanmay Bhatt96MathsGarima Kumari96Maths
Somika Rastogi96ChemMitali Srivastava96Chem
Anant Singh96CompDiksha Gulati96Comp
Shubhankar Mukherjee96AccGarvita Dixit95Eng
Arunima Singh95EngSarthak Rastogi95Comp
Anand Pratap Singh95CompMitali Srivastava95Hin
Shubhankar Mukherjee95EcoAnuj Pant94Maths
Anand Pratap Singh94MathsSamarth Bansal94Maths
Somika Rastogi94PhyDivanshu Srivastava94Phy
Vidit Gupta94CompMansi Nigam92Eng
Somika Rastogi92EngShubhankar Mukherjee92Eng
Mansi Nigam92MathsNagma Bi92Maths
Samarth Bansal92PhyMansi Nigam92Chem
Garvita Dixit92CompSachin Tandon92Comp
Tanuj Baijal92CompRiya Choudhary92Hin
Shubhankar Mukherjee92CommMitali Srivastava90Eng
Saima Fatima90EngDiksha Gulati90Eng
Sukanya Niyogi90EngPriya Agarwal90Eng
Abhishek Bansal90MathsTanmay Bhatt90Phy
Divanshu Srivastava90ChemJatin Srivastava90Chem
Sandarbh Agarwal90CommIshita Shukla90Comm
Radhika Shukla90Eco


ICSE-2015 Result Highlights

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Excellent ICSE 2015 Results 

Total students appeared: 93

23 ?students scored ?90%? or more aggregate percentage

99? in Maths by one student and 98 by one student

100 ?in Computers by 10 student & 99 by 2 students

50% students scored ?90+? in Computers 

144 ?scores of above ?90? in various subjects



Anushka Prakash97.40%
Ishika Agarwal96.60%
Oshita Saxena96.20%
Ieshika Singh96.0%
Yashi Sahu96.0%
Ansha Rehman95.4%
Manushi Khanna95.4%
Shivani Mittal95.0%
Rishabh Singh94.6%
Madhuresh Sharma94.2%
Apurv Rajput93.2%
Arunima Goel93.0%
Jayesh Gaur93.2%
Ananya Mohan92.8%
Aman Narayan92.6%
Devesh Shah92.2%
Ayush Katiyar92.0%
Sakshi Agarwal92.0%
Vartika Tandon91.2%
Aashrey Rastogi90.6%
Debasmita Dey90.2%
Ananya Singh90.0%



Ishika Agarwal100CompApplIeshika Singh100CompAppl
Oshita Sexena100CompApplYashi Sahu100CompAppl
Shivani Mittal100CompApplApurv Rajput100CompAppl
Rishabh Singh100CompApplVartika Tandon100CompAppl
Sakshi Agarwal100CompApplAashrey Rastogi100CompAppl
Shivani Mittal99MathsMadhuresh Sharma99CompAppl
Anushka Prakash99CompApplAnushka Prakash98Maths
Madhuresh Sharma98CSTAyush Katiyar98CompAppl
Ansha Rehman98CompApplManushi khanna98CompAppl
Arunima Goel98CompApplJayesh Gaur98CompAppl
Harsh Kailash98CompApplMegha Jain98CompAppl
Anushka Prakash97HinIeshika Singh97Hin
Ishika Agarwal97HinArunima Goel97Hin
Ria Rastogi97HinAnushka Prakash97Sci
Swapnil Patel97CompApplAman Narayan97CompAppl
Ananya Singh97CompApplDevesh Shah97CompAppl
Muskan Rastogi97CompApplShivang Agarwal97CompAppl
Oshita Sexena96EngAnushka Prakash96Eng
Oshita Sexena96HinManushi khanna96Hin
Ananya Singh96HinAnanya Mohan96Hin
Apurv Rajput96HinSakshi Agarwal96Hin
Arfat Kazmi96HinKriti Srivastava96Hin
Megha Jain96HinSiddhant Mehrotra96Hin
Ishika Agarwal96HCGYashi Sahu96HCG
Ishika Agarwal96SciAyush Katiyar96Sci
Ieshika Singh96SciShaurya Rastogi96CST
Ria Rastogi96CompApplAhsai Ahmed96CompAppl
Ananya Mohan96CompApplAman Mishra96CompAppl
Dhanur Dravid Singh96CompApplDev Sharma96CompAppl
Akshit Baggha96CompApplManushi khanna95Eng
Yashi Sahu95HinAnsha Rehman95Hin
Rishabh Singh95HinDebasmita Dey95Hin
Devesh Shah95HinAkshit Baggha95Hin
Disha Verma95HinGautami Srivastava95Hin
Swapnil Patel95HinMansi Vardhan95Hin
Anushka Prakash95HCGIeshika Singh95HCG
Ansha Rehman95MathsAnsha Rehman95Sci
Oshita Sexena95SciYashi Sahu95Sci
Ria Rastogi95CSTAyushi Sinha95CST
Gaurav Awasthi95CompApplIshan Srivastava95CompAppl
Disha Verma95CompApplYashi Sahu94Eng
Ansha Rehman94EngAnanya Singh94Eng
Madhuresh Sharma94HinJayesh Gaur94Hin
Aashrey Rastogi94HinPranjal Singh94Hin
Namit Rastogi94HinHarsh Kailash94Hin
Ansha Rehman94HCGPratham Dixit94HCG
Ishika Agarwal94MathsManushi khanna94Maths
Devesh Shah94MathsArunima Goel94Maths
Rishabh Singh94MathsOshita Sexena94Maths
Ayush Katiyar94MathsShivani Mittal94Sci
Manushi khanna94SciAman Narayan94Sci
Apurv Rajput94SciKaran Tilwani94CST
Ayushi Sinha94CompApplShivansh Batham94CompAppl
Debasmita Dey94CompApplRishabh Singh92Eng
Shivani Mittal92HinAman Narayan92Hin
Ayushi Sinha92HinMuskan Rastogi92Hin
Pratham Dixit92HinPrakhar Awathi92Hin
Nikhil singh92HinManushi khanna92HCG
Devesh Shah92HCGJayesh Gaur92HCG
Ieshika Singh92MathsJayesh Gaur92Maths
Ananya Mohan92MathsMadhuresh Sharma92Maths
Vartika Tandon92MathsRishabh Singh92Sci
Priya Singh92CSTShobhit Verma92CompAppl
Ishita Saxena92CompApplIeshika Singh90Eng
Shivani Mittal90EngAnanya Mohan90Eng
Shivang Agarwal90HinIshan Srivastava90Hin
Raghav Srivastava90HinShobhit Verma90Hin
Ananya Mohan90HCGAman Narayan90HCG
Aman Narayan90MathsSakshi Agarwal90Maths
Debasmita Dey90MathsAnanya Mohan90Sci
Shivansh Batham90CSTFrancis90CompAppl
Aleem Iqbal90CompApplSidhhartha Sinha90CompAppl