Daily Morning Prayer for Educators

Today is another new day and another happy day, in the lives of children, at The Modern School’s Dharma Megha Zen Krishnamurti Campus, and in my life. I shall devote myself to the welfare of the world, to good education of children, to the school’s well-being and good name, and to being an excellent / kushal educator. I shall seek to make children learn and transform, as per the KQES Vidyatreee curriculum, and Dharma Megha Zen (Dhyan) culture:

Learning without cramming, and excellence without stress: That is, no imitation learning but learning which is real / authentic. Children learn with interest, insight, creativity, confidence and excellence. Teaching is child-centered and with individual attention, as per international standards.

Discipline, and empathy without conditioning: Children live in a culture of responsibility. A culture of proper listening and communicating, of proper relationships, of mutual care and respect / adab, of following the lessons of ‘three monkeys’ – with self-confidence, self-discipline and resilience.

I shall make the above known to and valued by all. I shall be today, a good listener, a good communicator and have good relationships.

I shall strive to be responsible, diligent, honest, disciplined, obedient, open-minded, intuitively self-knowing, living every moment, emotionally intelligent and be a fully functioning person.

(Abridged version)