Fee 2017-2018

Online Fee Payment

Fee shall be paid through the online fee payment system available on the school’s website (link above) as well as the school’s mobile application Vidyatree ConnectEd.

Username and password for the online fee system shall be the same as that for the Vidyatree ConnectEd mobile application.

Receipt for any fee paid shall be available for download through the online fee system. On laptop/desktop the option is available in the left side menu. On the mobile, the menu is available through the top left menu icon (3 horizontal lines). 

In case of any problem please feel free to contact the class teacher of your child or use the Parent Desk on the school’s website or the school’s mobile app.

Fee Schedule

Fee shall be paid on a quarterly basis as per schedule below:

Annual Charges - by 25 March, 2017

Quarterly Instalment 1 - by 15 April, 2017
Quarterly Instalment 2 - by 7 July, 2017
Quarterly Instalment 3 - by 7 October, 2017
Quarterly Instalment 4 - by 7 December, 2017

Fee Details Circulars