Happy Family Workshop

“A family is a place where minds come in contact with one another. If the minds of the family members love one another, the family will be as beautiful as a garden filled with blooming flowers.

But if the mind’s get out of harmony with one another, it is as if a storm is playing havoc with the garden.”  

– Gautam Buddha

For the best development of children, the family environment at home must be harmonious. Many parents have been seeking the school’s help in guiding them to have a healthy / good lifestyle for their children and the entire family.

For us educators, having students to teach with skill, love and wisdom is an opportunity given to us by God. For parents also, having a family is an opportunity to practice love and wisdom.

For children having loving, wise and skillful teachers and parents is God’s blessing. They must in turn learn to love and respect, wise and loving teachers and parents.

In modern psychology the word used for loving is ‘unconditional empathy’. We shall be conducting a Happy Family Workshop on practicing unconditional empathy at home. The whole family is invited – especially the child and both the parents must be present.

Workshop details

Sunday, 22 Jan, 2011
Tea: 9:45am to 10am
Workshop: 10am to 12noon
At Takshila, the school library

Please register for the workshop by clicking here.
Remember, please register in advance, the seating is limited. Late comers will not be allowed.

Workshop conducted by Mr. Rakesh Kapoor

Certified Life & Leadership Coach
from Columbia University, New York

Member, International Coaching Federation
Author of Good Parenting column in
Times of India & Hindustan Times
Zen meditation teacher