Mathematics Hackathon

Hackathon Rules

  1. Maximum two teams per school, with four students per team from Grades IX to XII.
  2. Each team will be given a set of 50 mathematical questions. The first team to correctly solve all, or the team that correctly solves the maximum in 3 hours, wins.
  3. Each team will have only paper and pencil, provided at the venue, to solve all problems.
  4. All teams will start the 3 hours Hackathon together.
  5. Reporting time for participating teams is 8:30am on 14 May, 2017. Any team arriving late will be barred from participating.
  6. Prize distribution will take place by 1pm on the same day. 7. Participating teams must register themselves latest by 11 May, 2017.


Winning team

Rs. 5000 to each participant

Runner-up team

Rs. 2000 to each participant