Principal’s Message

Dear Parents,

It has been the eternal endeavour of man to acquire capacities, powers, skills, etc. that will enable him to be happy, secure and lead a successful lifestyle. These objectives can be achieved through holistic education, that addresses the whole child. The quality of education needs to be very high so that it builds powers, capacities and skills in the child, to face the constantly changing challenges of 21st century life.

Success in life, without stress, is achieved through capacity building. For this the mind is to be trained to think independently, solve problems and meet challenges. Students need to  be entrepreneurial by developing courage and creativity and by trying out new ideas in real life situations.  And of course after school, achieve admission to one of the best institutions of the country or the world.

At Vidyatree Modern, we strive to develop the above capabilities. Children learn mindfulness and ‘Know Thyself’, which is also the college’s motto, to become confident independent thinkers. We have a well developed methodology of teaching called ‘Vidyatree’, focusses on students exploring and investigating in the real world and constructing knowledge – or the constructivist approach to learning. With such teaching methods children love to come to school to study, grow in mental capacities, build self esteem, and emotional intelligence.

Vidyatree Modern is the first and only college in Lucknow to have International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum. The IB curriculum is deemed to be the best in the world to develop children for the 21st century. It was founded in 1968 in Geneva and currently runs in more than 4000+ of the best schools worldwide and about 150 of the best school of India – schools like The Doon School, Pathways, Delhi, Bangalore International School, Shri Ram School Delhi, etc.

Our ISC and ICSE students have always been scoring high in the exams and many a times, all India ranks. Every year meritorious students have been getting into IITs, NEET, NIFT,  other competitive entrance exams to best professional institutions of India, Delhi University Colleges, etc. We are proud of our alumni who are all successful in life – working at good companies or running their own enterprises – nationally and internationally.

I am privileged and proud to be given the charge of this celebrated and prestigious College and take it to new heights.

With warm regards,

Prasenjit Chakraborty

Mr. Prasenjit Chakraborty

Date Of Birth
22 September 1960 at Varanasi

M. Sc. Physics (IIT Kharagpur), B. Ed.

Past Work Experience

  • Krishnamurti Foundation School, Varanasi as an Educator,
  •  ITC School, Kolkata as Principal,
  • Adani Foundation Schools, Ahmedabad as Director Education