Admissions at VMWC

Dear Parents / Guardians,

Subject: Preference for admissions for session 2017-2018

This letter is to announce that new admissions for the session 2017-2018 at VMWC are formally open. As per the IB norms the teacher-students ratio has to be kept small and since there are limited seats available in each class, we wish to communicate that admission applications for your child’s sibling and any  references sent by you shall be given preference for admission; though the admission will be confirmed only after the child goes through the admission process. This preference will be available only till 31st, January, 2017.

The school looks forward to like minded families seeking admission, who understand & respect the school’s values and features, as presented during the recent Annual Celebration. Below is a summary:

VMWC curriculum systematically aims at building student capacities for lifelong success

Lifetime capacities VMWC curriculum elements
1Innovation, creativity, enterpriseHOTS (Higher order thinking skills), learning without cramming, fear free environment, ‘COGNITO – The Creativity and Innovation Fair’ since 1987, first in Lucknow in 2016  interschool competition based on innovation
2Independent thinker, lifelong learner and other attributes of IBIB PYP – best curriculum in the world  -the first and only one IB PYP school in Lucknow (130 IB schools in India and 3000 schools all over the world)
3Mental health, emotional intelligence, self discipline, realismMeditation on school motto of ‘Know Thyself’.

First in Lucknow

4Academic ExcellenceCenturion Awards based on competitive exam pattern – unique system
5Physical fitnessYoga and sports – part of time table
6Expressiveness, integrity, creativityExceptional dramatics – IB curriculum

Promoting student admissions to best colleges after class XII

ChallengeVMWC response
199.5% to 100% cut off marks for admission to the best collegesVMWC Centurion Program: competitive testing and recognition system, differential classes
2Choosing right colleges and coursesStudents of classes X to XII counselled
3Competing for IIT, CPMT and othersExcellent teaching and special attention