Young innovators are rewarded by Vidyatree Modern Alumni Association

Vidyatree Modern world College organized its annual creativity Fair ‘Cognito’ on 13th December, 2015 on the theme of ‘Smart City’. The students displayed models of their vision of the smart city with innovative ideas. The alumni association of the school, VMAA, took an active part and motivated students to think and come up with ideas that can be practically implemented to make Lucknow a Smart City. Out of many worthy projects three were conferred with cash awards.

Two projects in the senior category ; ‘Earthquake Early Alarming System’ by Geeta team and ‘Air Purification through Suction’ by Vivekanand team shared a cash prize of Rs.20,000 and the project ‘Waist to compost’ by Socrates team in junior category won a cash prize of Rs. 10,000. President of VMAA, Mr. Brijesh Saxena presented the trophies and awards to the team members.

Students at Cognito 2015 showcase Lucknow as a Smart City


VMWC organised its Annual Creativity Fair, Congnito, on 13th December,2015. The aim of this event is to help students build connection between their classroom learning and real life. It also gave them opportunity to demonstrate their thinking, research, communication and problem solving skills.

With the theme of Smart City, students set up projects and demonstrated the guests, parents and judges, models of their vision of smart city.

Padma Shree Dr. Nityanand, eminent scientist and former director of CDRI, was a special guest at the event and was amazed at the kids’ creativity. The visitors also appreciated the students’ research about various practices all over the world their feasibility in Lucknow city. Their clarity of concept while explaining the model was exemplary. It obviously reflected the way learning takes place at VMWC.

The Vidyatree Modern Alumni Association (VMAA) sponsored two young innovator awards with cash prize of Rs. 20,000 and Rs. 10,000 for outstanding projects. This event motivated the students to think beyond the bookish knowledge and get into shoes of a responsible citizen exploring ways to make Lucknow a better place.