Teacher Training

The Modern School’s ongoing teacher training program, as well as training conducted and authorised by the International Baccalaureate Organisation, Geneva, helps teachers make a paradigm shift in their teaching and learning.

The training program helps the teachers in their professional development to become life long learners and inquirers who are able to facilitate international pedagogy in the classrooms, creating joy for learning through innovative techniques, where the textbook is only one of the resources used and not the sole resource. Thus The Modern School believes in investment of time and money in their teachers because their teachers will be able to create the right kind of 21st century learners.

Teacher training & development curriculum

  • Child-centered vs. teacher-centered education
  • Individual attention strategies (with small number of children in a class) vs. mass teaching
  • Authentic/real vs. imitation learning
  • Promoting creativity
  • Independent thinking
  • Higher Order Thinking Skills (Bloom’s Taxonomy)
  • Emotional Intelligence (Daniel Goleman)
  • Assessment Strategies
  • Fully functioning person (Carl Rogers)


To view a recent IB authorised international training, only of its kind in Lucknow, click here.